Lythbound Tutorial


Hello, and welcome to Lythbound! My name is Thistle, and I’ll be your guide! We are an art-based role playing game set in the universe known as Lyth, which is filled with realms and the beings that reside within.

The denizens of this world — such as myself — are collectively known as Lythians. We are the characters within the game, and you will be participating in activities through us!

We come in many different shapes and forms, and are as varied and interesting as the world itself. I am a Natbaktera, and we are known as the glamoured serpents.

And my name is Fluff, the Nimblithe! We are stormy tinkerers, but personally, I’m a mail carrier. I’m the one who delivers the news, which you can find on our front page. Thistle is in charge of the changelogs further down, so you’ll see us together a lot.

Of course, to get you started, I must ask: Do you have a Lythian?