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Lythbound is an art roleplaying game set in a universe where interdimensional travel is real, opening up worlds of endless possibilities. Hone your exploration skills and unlock new experiences with realm keys, all while taming creatures, befriending new allies, and meeting mysterious deities. As a Lythian, your actions change the fate of the realms.

Lythbound is a game focused around a variety of species, many of which are available as adoptables — but the entirety of the game is free to play. Join us today!


"Feature" button added for comments on sales listings in the marketplace; only the listing's seller can feature comments. Featured comments will be labeled and styled slightly differently to bring attention to them.
December 15, 2020 13:37:07 by Jackalune

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Sticker Album!

January 21, 2021 18:28:53 | Read more

Subspecies, Shop Stock, and Temp GA Event

Subspecies Item and Shop Stock The Subspecies Change Potion is now available. This item can be used to apply an asterisk-marked subspecies (per their species...
January 12, 2021 16:29:06 | Read more

New Site Features

Final Lumiheim rewards have been sent out. Thank you for your participation this year! We're here today to highlight a few new things that have been added to the site recently: - Pets can now be sorted after being attached to a Lythian. A sort button will be visible on the profile of your Lythians which currently have pets attached. - "Lythian page"s have been added, whi...
January 07, 2021 19:42:45 | Read more

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Monthly Contest: Written Art
Monthly Contest: Written Art
The monthly contest is underway! The final week of the contest is devoted to voting, so please be sure to enter before the deadline!

Event Ends: January 31, 2021 23:59:59 EST

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