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Lythbound is an art-based role playing game set in a universe where interdimensional travel is real, opening up worlds of endless possibilities. Hone your exploration skills and unlock new experiences with realm keys, all while taming creatures, befriending new allies, and meeting mysterious Auirators. As a Lythian, your actions change the fate of the realms.

In Lythbound, there are many residents of varying shapes and sizes — known as Lythians. As you play you will gradually recruit more Lythians, each unique from the others, into your collection. The entirety of the game is Free to Play!

Join us and complete the tutorial to get your first Lythian!

Latest News

January 1, 2023

Featured Lythian This month's Featured Lythian is...

Étoile - 3065 Owned by: chickendraqon
Congratulations! Gifting Gacha In...
January 01, 2023 00:10:02 | Read more

Important Secret Santa Update

Important update for all Secret Santa participants!

Today, we discovered a bug regarding the way that Secret Santa recipient wishlists display on your Secret Santa entry page. This bug has now been fixed. However, this means that the wis...

December 19, 2022 20:43:12 | Read more

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Featured Lythian

Étoile - 3065

Owned by: chickendraqon
Monthly Contest: Written Art - Voting
Monthly Contest: Written Art
Voting has begun for this month's monthly contest!

Event Ends: January 31, 2023 23:59:59 EST

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Changelog by Jackalune

Reminder! Secret Santa gifts are due by January 25, 2023 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time! If you signed up a...
January 14, 2023 18:40:36

Changelog by Jackalune

Lythbound.com is officially directing to the new server. Once you no longer see the maintenance scre...
December 28, 2022 16:08:06
Complete the tutorial and receive your first Lythian!
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