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Lythbound is an art roleplaying game set in a universe where interdimensional travel is real, opening up worlds of endless possibilities. Hone your exploration skills and unlock new experiences with realm keys, all while taming creatures, befriending new allies, and meeting mysterious deities. As a Lythian, your actions change the fate of the realms.

Lythbound is a game focused around a variety of species, many of which are available as adoptables — and the entirety of the game is free to play. Join us today!

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Lythian Profile Updates

Lythian Profile Updates

Lythian profiles have been refreshed and now feature a cleaner, updated UI design!

You may also now set preferences for written gift works separately from drawn/visual gifts via Lythian profiles. (Or mass assign a setting on your Owned Lythians page.)


January 17, 2022 17:23:16 | Read more

January 1, 2022

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Lavenderfur

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:

Baking Soda
Aromatic Oil
Candy C...
January 01, 2022 00:10:02 | Read more

The Gifts of Lumiheim

The Gifts of Lumiheim

The Gifts of Lumiheim have returned for 2021!
This event runs until December 31st, 2021 23:59:59 EST!

To see everything available for Lumiheim, be sure to visit the e...

December 01, 2021 17:45:55 | Read more

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The FORMula Plus item description has been updated for consistency in its use. The new description is as follows: "This mysterious concoction can be used alongside an art update to add a new, toggle-able view to the Lythian's masterlist entry. The new form can be an alternate palette, body type, subspecies, or species. (Additional items may be required.)"
November 17, 2021 15:43:56 by Jackalune

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Featured Lythian


Owned by: Lavenderfur
Monthly Contest: Written Art - Entries
Monthly Contest: Written Art
The monthly contest is underway! The final week of the contest is devoted to voting, so please be sure to enter before the deadline!

Event Ends: January 22, 2022 23:59:59 EST

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