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Lythbound is an art-based roleplaying game set in a universe where interdimensional travel is real, opening up worlds of endless possibilities. Hone your exploration skills and unlock new experiences with realm keys, all while taming creatures, befriending new allies, and meeting mysterious deities. As a Lythian, your actions change the fate of the realms.

Lythbound is a game focused around a variety of species, many of which are available as adoptables — and the entirety of the game is free to play.

Join us and complete the tutorial to get your first Lythian!

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Join Us in Avalon... With an Invasion!? Secret Santa Signups and more!

A New Door Has Been Opened...

Chaos and Order;
Emotion and Stoicism;
Conflict and Resolution;
Haste and Restraint;
Everything and Nothing.

Avalon is a realm of perfect balance and the existence of an e...

November 04, 2022 19:14:48 | Read more

November 1, 2022

Featured Lythian This month's Featured Lythian is...

KS94 Tuxley
Owned by: mils
Congratulations! Gifting Gacha Increased...
November 01, 2022 00:10:03 | Read more

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Featured Lythian


Owned by: mils
Monthly Contest: Written Art - Voting
Monthly Contest: Written Art
Voting has begun for this month's monthly contest!

Event Ends: November 30, 2022 23:59:59 EST

Buzinya Invasion
The door has opened to Avalon and Buzinyas are invading!

Event Ends: November 30, 2022 23:59:59 EST

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Changelog by Jarre

Characters made from Lythian Eggs will now start with a key to the realm their egg came from. They m...
November 14, 2022 11:38:40

Changelog by Jarre

https://lythbound.com/raffle A new 24-hour raffle has started!
November 11, 2022 11:51:30
Complete the tutorial and receive your first Lythian!
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