Weekly Quests

Week of Mar 27, 2023's Quest:

An unlucky Laguna asks you make them a piece of art.


✦ The current quest is available until Apr 2, 2023 at 23:59:59.

✦ Draw, write, craft, or make music about your Lythian, an NPC, or another Lythian that you have permission to draw, following the prompt above (you are not required to include the quest giver, but may do so if you would like).

✦ To turn in your quest, please visit the ARPG submissions page and fill out the form, with "Weekly Quest" selected as the activity.

✦ Quests rotate on a weekly basis and must be submitted before a new quest appears!

✦ Submissions must be valued at 20 Loonoles or higher on submission.

Rewards: 5 Loonoles plus bonuses as applied with the calculator during submission

Last 3 Quests

The below quests are no longer eligible for Weekly Quest rewards, and are shown here for historical purposes.

✦ A charming Natbaktera would like for you to sing for them.

✦ A charming cloaked figure asks you to watch their shop for a day.

✦ An efficient Djiminni needs you to read or tell them a story.