Origin Story Quests

Everyone starts somewhere, even Lythians! Origin Stories are prompts that allow you to show us a snapshot from your character's past that defines who they are now. Each species has their own unique quest and Origin Tale for you to explore!

✦ General Requirements
must earn at least 25 Loonoles per submission
should be turned in as one submission

✦ Rewards
Loonoles based on Art Submission Guidelines
ability to update your baby-stage character to their adult design
badge to go on character's profile

Growth Stories can be completed once per character.
Companions cannot participate in this quest.

They are mainly used to grow up baby characters — allowing you to design full-grown forms for them — but can also be retroactively done for already-grown individuals! These are only available for official, already-existing Lythians that you own. These quests do not award you with a new character slot when you are done.

✦ Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to incorporate the provided Origin Tale into my quest?
No, you do not! They are just general backstories for the species as a whole.

Does every species have an Origin Story quest?
Only Lythian species will have them. You may, however, include your companions and pets in the Origin Stories of your other characters!

Can my quest be multi-parted?
It may, but should be compiled into a single file for submission! For example, in the case of multi-chapter literature, please make it a single link that takes us to all the chapters. For visual artwork, you can maybe combine pieces into a collage or use a comic-strip format.

Can I grow two Lythians at the same time?
You may, as long as their backstories are intertwined, and they are both fulfilling their species-specific quest somehow! And in that case, you'd also need to multiply the 25 minimum by two, so each character meets the minimum.

What does [species]'s adolescent form look like?
This is up to you! At this stage, the Lythians' bodies are somewhere between their baby form and adult form, so you can mix the core features of each to create their adolescent design.

Can I commission someone else or offer commissions for Origin Stories?
Yes! Though the owner of the character must be the one to submit the Origin Story with credit to the artist in the submission notes. The commissioner's character will be the one to receive the rewards (adult form design, character badge, most of the Loonoles) with the artist taking 25% (rounded to the nearest 5) cut of the total Loonoles earned.

Can I submit my Origin Story to Free Play for Loonoles?
No, since Origin Stories already have their own rewards built in.

Where do I submit my completed Origin Story?
Please submit it with the ARPG Submission Form under the prompt “Origin Story.” After you've submitted it, it will be approved as soon as possible!

My quest got approved! Now what?
Congratulations! In order to update your baby character with their adult design, go to your Lythian's profile page and click the “Update Lythian Art/Design” button. Here, you may input any variant items you've used, as well. In the “Additional Notes” section, just let us know that your quest got approved!

I have a question not answered here?
If it's for a specific species, check their page first! We will have specific FAQs below their Origin Story tasks. If you've checked it and still have a question, please contact us here or via our Discord server.

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