Non-Specific Realm Quests


Unless otherwise stated, these are the minimum requirements for all art quests. You'll need to meet or surpass them to claim your rewards according to our Art Submission Guidelines. Some quests have additional guidelines, so please read their descriptions carefully!

✦ Non-Specific & Realm Quests
- Must earn at least 20 Loonoles per submission


Overall, these are the rewards you'll receive for complete Art Quests. Some quests also offer additional bonuses for completing them, so please read their descriptions carefully! Also, feel free to commission others to complete any of your quests for you.

✦ General Non-Specific Quests
- Loonoles based on Art Submission Guidelines

Want to create but don't want to fill any prompt in particular? You can always submit any artwork you create to Free Play to just earn currency!

Available Quests

All quests shown here might take place in any realm; they do not have particular key requirements.

General: An Introduction
Realms are always getting newcomers, so we’d like to know more about you! (Submit a character profile; you should only do this quest once per character, unless you’ve done a big update.)

General: Friendship is Magic
Everyone has someone(s) they share a special bond with. Show us a memory with that someone(s).

General: Is This How You Live?
You might be realm hopping a lot, but you must have a home somewhere? (Submit a home base; you should only do this quest once per character, unless you’ve done a big update.)

General: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
Rain takes many different shapes and forms across the realms. What kind of precipitation have you seen?

General: Lythian Shaming
You’ve done… something, so you need to wear this sign to let everyone know what you’ve done.

General: My Best Dish
Food is meant to be shared and appreciated. Why don’t you share your realm’s recipes with someone from another realm?

General: Party Games
Partying with someone is a good way to break the ice. What kind of games do you bring to the table across the realms?

General: Uh-Oh, Realm Not Found!
You’ve appeared to have wandered into an area where you’re not supposed to be! What’s your reaction? (Your submission may be randomly featured on 404 pages!)