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[EVENT] They Came From Nowhere

KuniPicki event announcement banner

It’s been a while but the realm is ready to introduce two new species!
Please welcome in these friendly and not-so-friendly faces~

✦ Where Did They Come From?

The first sightings of Kuniklovs and Nitpickies can be traced back to Vulcareal, around the Empty Tundra. The explorers who ventured out into Nowhere were too busy trying to survive, therefore, never managed to get closer looks. That, coupled with the extreme weather conditions made them mistake the two species for feral creatures.

But we now know that’s not the case.

No one knows how long these species have been settled there — or even when they came to be — since the area is mostly desolate. However, Kuniklovs and Nitpickies have coexisted happily for a while; Kuniklovs offer Nitpickies protection and in turn, Nitpickies provide Kuniklovs with items that only they can get their grubby little paw-gloves on.

✦ Why Are They Here Now?

The recent flooding of several Lyth cities did not leave the rest of the world unaffected.

The manmade disasters increased the rainfall throughout Lyth, which directly correlated to a rise in the number of avalanches all the way out in Nowhere. Although they were unaware of the real reason, Kuniklovs and Nitpickies knew that their home was becoming unsafe.

After some discussion, they decided it was time to spread out towards the rest of civilization — the inhospitable, barren Empty Tundra was a weird living choice anyhow.

Especially since their young would be arriving soon...

✦ KuniPicki Prompts

example Kuniklovexample Nitpicki

✦ First Impressions

What is your Lythian’s reaction upon meeting a Kuniklov and/or Nitpicki for the first time?
You can use the example Kuniklov and Nitpicki pictured above!

✦ A Helping Hand

Let’s help our new friends get acquainted with the rest of the world!
Do you take them to see the sights?
Or maybe introduce them to new technologies?

✦ Home-Cooked Meal

Needless to say, the food in the Empty Tundra is...okay.
Why don’t you cook them a meal they can’t find in Nowhere?

✦ Requirements
Visual at least clean lines and flat colors (or shading if black and white)
Written at least 250 words per prompt (“draft completion” required) (or per participant if RP log)
You can turn in a maximum of three prompts; you can do the same prompt three times if you'd like!
Submit them via the ARPG submit form under "Event Prompt."
They must be turned in by July 20th, 2020 @ 23:59:59 to be eligible for rewards!

✦ Rewards
Completing at least one prompt gives you the “They Came From Nowhere” achievement!
Completing one prompt is also the minimum requirement for entering the raffles below.
Completing three prompts gives you an MYO Antecedent ticket!
As always, you get Loonoles based on the piece(s) you submit.
Remember to claim the bonus + 5 (Event Quest) Loonoles!

✦ KuniPicki Flaffles & Raffle

As previously mentioned, one of the reasons Kuniklovs and Nitpickies are making themselves known is because they need somewhere safer to raise their young. While some have been carrying their babies around with them, others have adopted a “throw them into the deep end” approach.

Lythians have been uncovering some Kuniklov and Nitpicki younglings tucked away in various nooks and crannies: tree holes, leaf piles, and even strangers’ belongings! According to them, their babies are quite capable of surviving on their own — having grown up in a much harsher environment — but it’d be nice to give them safe homes anyhow:

KuniPicki baby batch

Introducing our very first batch of Kuniklovs and Nitpickies!
From now until July 13th, 2020 @ 23:59:59, you may enter for a chance to win.
For the flaffles (flat sale raffles), you’ll still need to pay upon winning.
You can enter for more than one but you’ll only win one (per category)!
Please click the image above for more information.

✦ Notes

Kuniklovs are a revamp of an old species by @Buntato & @Solly.
If you have an old Kuniklov, contact us with proof and we’ll add it to the ML.
The Kuniklovs and Nitpickies from the batch above are in their baby form.
More information on how to grow them will come at a later date~

✦ Upcoming Event & New Items

It would appear that mating season is coming soon… we suggest you contact any potential partners in preparation for August 17th! Here are a few things to consider:
- each breeding will cost $15 or $20 USD depending on the tier you choose
- only antecedents can breed, so no Forim descendants or companions
- an antecedent can only be paired up once per season
- each pairing will only produce one offspring*
- same-species partners will produce babies of their species
- different-species partners will produce crossbreeds
* The only exception to the one-offspring-per-pair rule is if the parents are owned by two different users and both parties want a baby from that pairing. This is the only time a batch may have two babies, but each party has to pay individually for their offspring. So please plan accordingly!

In addition, we’ve added new items for those of you who’ve been wanting to make large changes to your characters. Truffle’s Treasure Trove now carries two redesign items, so head over there if you’d like to purchase them!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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July 1, 2020

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: LilMissLillie

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Mush Cap
Thin Petals

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Charity, Frames, and MYO & Art Form Updates!

Hello! We've got a few big news things today so let's get right to it:

June is Pride Month! A time to celebrate under normal circumstances, but these times we are in are not normal by any means. We have planned for some time to create site items to sell for charity during June, but given the situation around the world, we have reached the decision to split donations from these sales between the Transgender Law Center and this ActBlue initiative which automatically further splits donations between bail funds and Black initiative funds.

The first Pride was a riot and we would not have this time to celebrate if it weren't for Black trans women who made it possible. We hope that by splitting the donations, we can help a little bit of both worlds. It's Pride Month, after all, but if our stance isn't also clear: Black Lives Matter.


We currently have a frame and four pets available in exchange for donations that we will forward to the charities mentioned above. To facilitate sales, we have set up a Storenvy page, from which you can purchase each of these items: here.


More information is available in each listing! Pets can be purchased featuring any Pride flag of your choice.

As of right now, we intend to reward items and make donations on approximately a weekly basis. However, we are currently NOT intending to end sales of these items, and as sales slow down, donation forwarding may be done on a monthly time frame.


Now that we've made a frame purchasable with real life money, it was prudent to make further expansions to the frame feature. Thus we are excited to release the ability to preview frames, update your Lythian frames, and also use items to unlock new frames!

You can access the Frame Previewer by visiting Activities -> Activities Hub -> Frame Previewer. This page will allow you to see all available frames and test them out with your Lythians to see what might look best.

When you've decided to update your Lythian's frame for real, you can do so from their profile, by clicking the new “Change/Update Frame" button. Any frames they have unlocked will be permanently available to change between.

You may unlock new frames from items via your inventory -- if you received a Frame of the Sea from the Turn the Tides event, that item can now be used!


And finally, a new shop has opened up in the marketplace! Tessa the Flyte has a variety of frames available for you to purchase with Loonoles! Returning players from Astral Story may recognize these -- they are based on designs from Astral Story, and if your Lythian had unlocked any pre-merge, they have now been made available to those Lythians again. (This includes some event designs from October 2019 which are now able to use the “Summoning Circle 2019" frame.)


Last, but not least, the MYO Forms have received massive upgrades, and masterlist art/design updates are now fully available on-site!

The MYO forms themselves should be fairly straightforward, but if you have questions or need help, we are always available! Additionally, with these updates, both the submitter and staff can now leave comments within the forms themselves, and discuss back and forth regarding uploads. You may also edit MYO submissions if an issue is found or something needs changed.

FPCs can also now be selected for their first design upload on the MYO page!

Art/design updates can be accessed from a Lythian or Companion's profile. The “Update [Lythian/Companion] Art/Design" button will lead you to a form where you can:
- Update art without design changes (or very minor design changes) (Lythians & Companions)
- Update designs with item usage (Lythians only)
- Update both of the above on alternate forms (Lythians only)
- Unlock new alternate forms (such as with the Water Form Potion) (Lythians only)

As with the MYO forms, simply fill out the information and submit! If you have questions or experience issues, please do feel free to contact us!

As these functions are completely available on-site, the DeviantArt journal for MYOs and art/design updates is now retired.

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[EVENT] Turn the Tides - Epilogue!


Thank you so much to everyone for participating in the Turn the Tides event! The epilogue is now available to view on the Storyline event page.

All prompt claims have had their rewards sent out -- if you are missing anything from any part of this event, please let us know!

Additionally, the raffle has been rolled and prizes have been sent out as follows:
NA14 - Fluffy-imp
AX47 - Yams
Orch MYO - walls96
Orch MYO - LilMissLillie
Water Form Potion - solsurfing
Water Form Potion - Syleira

Thank you again for participating! We have a Google Form available with survey questions, if there is anything you would like to let us know regarding this event, or things you'd like to see from future events!

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[EVENT] Turn the Tides Week 4


Week 4 of the Turn the Tides event has arrived, and a new prompt is now available on the Storyline event page. Additionally, we have extended the event deadline for all prompts for one additional week until June 15th at 23:59:59! This gives you some extra time to complete the final week's prompt (as well as the other prompts if not completed yet)!

For completing all four weeks, you can earn the final event rewards of a water alternate form potion, a special frame, and an achievement!


The choice you made in the previous week will affect the prompt you see this week. Similarly, you cannot see the prompt this week until you choose for week 3.

Last, but not least, we welcome BattiDanni to the team as our new moderator manager! You'll be seeing her around the site and Discord as well from now on!

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