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[EVENT] Lyara's Blessings

Lyara’s Blessings event announcement banner

Once a year, Lyara graces the realms with their presence.
Will you approach them to receive their blessing?

✦ Who is Lyara?

Lyara, the deity of fertility, has many different physical forms. This is because they take on the form of someone you consider family, which is different for every Lythian; this also means that they can appear to a single individual in a multitude of ways, if they have a large family. The one constant about Lyara is their halo, which floats above them throughout all iterations. They are also one of the more active deities in that Lythians have a very good chance of interacting with them. This is because, once a year, they travel across all the realms of Lyth to offer everyone a chance to have a very specific blessing granted: an offspring.

Lyara’s blessings are offspring!

This deity sometimes takes the physical characteristics of two Lythians and blends them into a new being, one that is young and new to the world, before depositing them… somewhere. They may or may not require a guardian to watch over them, depending on their individual personalities, so many things come with the roll of a dice. In fact, Lyara will sometimes just create one from scratch, or even gift an offspring to unsuspecting Lythians!

What this means is that Lythians do not have to do anything physical or even be in a relationship to be blessed with an offspring; all babies are basically created out of thin air by the deity. So you are free to a wide range of backstories on how family dynamics — or lack thereof — come to be!

✦ Receiving a Blessing

To receive an offspring, fill out this form by August 31st, 2020 @ 23:59:59.
(There are additional guidelines in it, so please read carefully.)
Please note that if you fill it out, a designer will be contacting you for payment.
The above form is not for getting a free baby design.
Forms cannot be deleted or edited by the submitter once confirmed, but can be declined by staff. If you have made a mistake on your form, please contact us regarding it.
By participating in at least one of Lyara’s blessings, you’ll also get an achievement!

If you are partnering your Lythian with someone else's, one person needs to submit the form for both of you, and the other person will receive a notification asking for confirmation. If the notification is accidentally deleted, the request will still show up on the form page and can be confirmed or denied there.
Additionally, you can only request to breed with Lythians that belong to a site account!

Offspring currently cannot be grown just yet. We plan on releasing quests and origin tales that are unique to each species which, upon completion, will allow you to submit an adult design for any baby designs you already own or will receive from this event. These quests — which will be called "Origin Stories" — will be released as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

✦ Blessings Season Prompts

The period of time when Lyara delivers their blessings is colloquially known as "blessings season." It occurs simultaneously across all the realms, so Lythians know when to make their preparations, though some may still be caught off guard:

✦ What is This?

Different individuals have varied reactions to babies.
What is your Lythian’s immediate response to them?
(There are baby Symphonies, Nitpickies, and Kuniklovs already existing!)

✦ Baby-Proofing

Is your Lythian one of the ones receiving Lyara’s blessings?
If yes, they’ve got to baby-proof their homes first!

✦ Meeting Lyara

This deity is one of the easier ones to meet.
As previously mentioned, they take on the form of a family member.
What is your Lythian’s reaction to meeting Lyara?

✦ Requirements
Your piece must earn you at least 20 Loonoles by Free Play guidelines.
This means you can choose what elements you’d like to include per submission.
You can turn in a maximum of three prompts; you can do the same prompt three times if you'd like!
Submit them via the ARPG submit form under "Event Prompt."
They must be turned in by September 30th, 2020 @ 23:59:59 EST to be eligible for rewards!

✦ Rewards
Completing at least one prompt gives you the “Lyara’s Blessings” achievement!
As always, you earn Loonoles based on the piece(s) you submit.
Remember to claim the bonus + 5 (Event Quest) Loonoles!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


The Lilipeep, Natbaktera, Nimblithe, Nitpicki, Nudinym, Onini, Siircio, Symphony, and Wolfren species pages have now all by updated with new information!
You may have to use ctrl+f5 to clear your cache and see any updated images on the species pages.

Changes to existing Sheceans as mentioned in the previous news post will occur likely Wednesday or Thursday of this week. If you are interested in submitting a Lythian with a Shecean ID to the breeding form or an ARPG prompt, you can still safely do so anytime!

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Species Updates!

Hello! We've started rolling out some updates to playable species information today, following the recent Realm overhaul announcements, and in preparation for the baby breeding event coming soon!

The following species have already had their information updated, and the remaining species will be updated shortly: Axomaurs, Chuikhas, Flytes, Gryfons, Haenyms, Igalyphs, Kella Ser, Kuniklovs, and Lagunas

The above species have received updates across the board, and had baby information added. These pages also reference "Origin Story Quests" however those quests are not yet available, but are coming soon!

A "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section appears on some species pages, where there may be extra relevant questions or information available.

The Location and Story tabs have been removed, in favor of the lore to be provided in upcoming Origin Story Quests.

Haenyms now reference "sects" rather than subspecies. The ability to change this at-will, as mentioned in their FAQ, will be added soon.


Lastly, Sheceans have been changed from a standalone species to a subspecies of Laguna.
To elaborate on this decision:
We wanted to establish their intelligence and reasoning ability to be equal of that of any other species, and additionally we did not necessarily feel that Sheceans had enough of their own species identity to separate them from Lagunas completely. We do not take the decision to combine/"remove" a species lightly, but feel this is the best course of action moving forward for Sheceans in particular.

Regarding existing Sheceans:
Existing Sheceans will have their masterlist and IDs updated to "Laguna - LA##" and have the "Shecean" subspecies added to them (this also means their profile URL will change to the new "LA##" ID). If you own an existing Shecean, you do not need to redesign them and can continue using them with their designs as-is.

As referenced in the updated Laguna species information page, Shecean subspecies Lagunas retain their shell-like sensors and extra limbs, and thus do not need to physically change at all. However, you are also allowed to submit an update to them for free with the new information in mind, if you would like to do so.

The change to existing Shecean masterlist entries will occur next week, to provide time for this information to be seen.

At this time, we do not plan to combine or remove any other species; this change is exclusive to Sheceans/Lagunas.

Thank you so much for your patience as we roll out these updates, and we look forward to revealing the remaining species updates soon!

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August 1, 2020

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Blazing Black Mage

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Mush Cap
Heart Balloon
Assorted Seeds

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[Lythbound Overhaul] - Free Playable Character Updates

Hello everyone!
We’re here with our first follow-up announcement with regards to the overhaul:

The Free Playable Characters (or "FPCs") system is being replaced with other methods of receiving free "Make Your Own" characters (MYOs) to begin playing the game.

Two days ago, we turned off the creation of new FPCs. Today, we are announcing that we will be removing any undesigned FPCs in approximately 3.5 months’ time.

Please submit your designed version of any FPCs you own via the MYO submission form before November 8th at 23:59:59 Eastern Time.

We will be implementing new systems to get free/game-earned MYOs (for example, you can get a ticket for any playable species by completing the tutorial) that overall have fewer restrictions than FPC, but we wanted to extend this opportunity to also finish up and keep FPCs for those who had created them before -- basically as a thank you for having participated in the system.

Designed FPCs will be retaining their account-locked status and will not become tradable despite the system being removed. If you are not able to submit during this time frame for whatever reason, but had a design planned for the FPC, you are absolutely free to create that character via an MYO ticket as we roll out more ways to obtain them for free and via the game.

To reiterate: You have until November 8 at 23:59:59 Eastern Time to submit designed versions of FPCs. Any that are not designed (still showing the NPC, non-customized version of the art) will be removed after this point.

If you already designed and submitted your FPC art in the past, you don’t need to worry about this! That is your character and we will not be removing them. We will ONLY be removing FPCs that were never designed and updated with new art.

Our reasoning for this is that we desire to change the FPC system to a more progression-based system of acquiring free characters, while also making the new free characters have less restrictions overall.

We also do not desire to take away completely designed FPCs, as we maintain that our position on character designs is that we will not take them away, as per our Terms of Service, but we would also like to balance the previous mass-attainability of FPCs with the new systems of MYO rewards.

Thus, we felt that the best compromise for balancing purposes was to keep completed FPCs, with their account-bound restrictions, remove uncompleted FPCs, and implement the ability to acquire new MYOs that can still be used to finish creating any previously-uncompleted designs if so desired.


We have also started rolling out some other changes to systems, such as updating the "Innate Abilities" page to talk about their new replacement -- Skills (which is similar!). Though there may be some discrepancies across pages that still talk about Innate Abilities (such as the tutorial). We are working on updating all of these pages to make them align with one another, but didn’t want you to have to wait to start seeing some information regarding what we intend for the game.

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[IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT] - Lythbound Overhaul

Hi everyone!

We’ve got an important announcement today, and we’re really excited to share what’s going to be coming soon!

We know that a lot of players have wanted more lore for a long time now! The Turn the Tides event and (to a lesser extent) KuniPicki event were our first real foray into building that up. But it hasn’t felt quite right and we have hit a number of walls internally with regards to developing the world’s lore that we want to present and you want to see.

The ultimate result of this is that we have decided the best course of action is a complete overhaul of the game’s branding, lore, mechanics, and world in general.

On the surface, we know that sounds scary! Lyth has been through a lot over the years and seen its fair share of changes. When Jack took over at the end of 2019, a complete change like this was something that they wanted to avoid. But after 7 or so months, the merge of 3 other games/communities, and a lot of internal staff work, we realize that to set ourselves up for the best possible future: an overhaul is necessary.

What does this mean for you, your progress, and the game’s updates? In general, we want to keep the progress you have made thus far. Everyone will keep their accounts, their characters, their items/pets, etc. Where possible and necessary, we will provide compensation for changes. For example, if an item is removed from the game, we will explore currency or new/equivalent item compensation for anyone who has that item in their inventory.

At this time, we are still finalizing some parts of the game that are changing. We don’t want to rush this, but we also felt it prudent to inform you of our intent -- we know that real life money plays an important part in aspects of the game, including the purchase of many new designs, and we want you to be able to make informed purchasing decisions.

Our goal is to work on this overhaul alongside finishing up some features that have been in the works for a bit (things that, for example, might be more “mini-game-esque” or website quality of life and less lore-related). But the overhaul will be taking a priority, as we are removing some things, and would like to re-implement the replacements as quickly as possible, while making sure we are setting ourselves up for success moving forward. This is not a hiatus of your regularly scheduled updates, but rather a shift in what some of those updates are.

There is one thing that we will be putting on pause immediately: earning map passports. We are completely revamping the map and locations you can visit, thus earning passports to the current locations needs to be stopped immediately. We will be discussing the best way to move already-earned passport completions to the new locations, so that you don’t lose the effort you had put in previously. If you were in the process of completing a passport prompt for an existing location, we will provide a 7 day grace period for you to finish and submit this and earn the old location passport, making yourself eligible for the compensation option(s) that we eventually provide.

Future designs also will no longer feature adaptations/traits of any kind. We are shifting to focusing on subspecies and body types for all species. Previous Forim Descendant designs that have adaptations will keep their appearance/design and will not require any changes. Adaptation ticket items will be removed and compensated with equivalent currency to their shop price.

MYO tickets will be changing: there will no longer be separate “Antecedent MYO Tickets” and “Forim Descendant MYO Tickets” -- these will be combined to one MYO ticket used to make the “basic/regular subspecies” of any playable species, priced at 25 gems (roughly $25 USD). Users who previously purchased antecedent or forim descendant MYO tickets with gems from the Lyth Patreon Gem Shop will have the difference in gems credited back to their account.

Further changes will be announced as we progress! As always, if you have suggestions about site features, lore content, or other things you'd like to see, we would love to hear them! We consider all suggestions, and while we cannot always implement them, we've gotten many good ideas in the past to springboard off of and improve the game and website.

We would like to reiterate that we are not pausing activities other than the passports mentioned above. The “They Came From Nowhere” event will also continue as planned and you can integrate your interactions with the Kuniklovs and Nitpickis with your characters’ canon into the future as well! (In general, our intent is to carry over as much as we can canonically from both this and Turn the Tides, but we want to allow everyone the freedom to make their own stories as well, and we certainly won't ever tell you that your character story is wrong.) Thank you so much for your continued patience and support and we look forward to post-overhaul and bringing you new content for years to come!

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