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Art, Arcade, & Forum Changes

Free Play Cap Removed, New Visual Art Guideline

Free Play no longer has a weekly Loonole cap! You are now free to submit all free play art for loonoles without worrying about hitting the cap. However, we have additionally added a new requirement for 2D and 3D Visual Submissions. This new requirement applies to all ARPG submissions and not just Free Play.

If there are over 10 unique characters depicted in a 2D or 3D Visual Submission, you will be required to label each unique character with their Index ID (i.e., NP5, AX14, etc) next to or on them within an image. This can either be done on the submitted piece itself, OR be included as a linked piece from an external image storage site (i.e., Imgur,, etc) under "Additional Notes".

Arcade Daily Cap Increased

The Arcade's daily Loonole earning cap has been increased from 60 to 80! We would still like to encourage gaining of Loonoles from artwork and other non-art methods, but we hope players enjoy this cap raise.

Daily Loonole Reward for Forum Posts

You may now gain Loonoles for posting to the forum! Every 120 characters in a post will earn you one loonole, while the daily cap is 100 Loonoles total. We hope this encourages players to use the forums for games, discussion, writing, or roleplay!

Post edits will not reward Loonoles, nor will code included in a post be taken into account when calculating character total.

As before, spam will not be tolerated in any of the forum categories, and attempting to circumvent this via the post edit or deletion options will result in disciplinary measures.

New Subspecies Items

Now available in the Referral Shop, respective subspecies items for Liquid Orches, Leutyto Gryfons, and Axolodon Axomaurs are now available!

Loonole Ticket Poll Reminder

There's still three days before the poll regarding Loonole Tickets ends! We're wanting to make the stock unlimited while also upping the price, but we'd like feedback on if what we're proposing sounds fair! The poll is linked here, with an additional companion thread contained within!

June 13, 2022 17:53:12 | 0 Comments

Raffles and MYOs and Prices, oh my!

1,000 Members Draw-to-Enter Raffle

We have created a raffle in celebration of our hitting 1,000 members! This raffle is Draw-to-Enter; every participant will draw art of this Lythian to receive an entry, and the winner will be randomly rolled! Check out the raffle here!

(You may enter the raffle if you joined after our 1,000 member milestone, as well!)


Referral Shop Stock Updates

You may now purchase “Realm Eggs” (unveiled in our previous Gifting Gacha update) in the Referral Shop for 3 points! These eggs will allow you to make a baby MYO of the listed lythians in their description! The companion version of these eggs (as well as their fragments) will be coming soon, as well!


Additionally, the price of subspecies items in the Referral Shop have been dropped to 2 points!



Gem Lythian Ticket Price Drop

Gem MYO Lythian Tickets are dropping in price! From now on, Gem MYO Lythian Tickets will cost 1800 Gems per ticket in the Gem Shop.

To compensate for previous purchases, all members who have bought a ticket prior to this price change will be receiving 1 unique supporter pet per ticket purchased! These will not show up in the bestiary due to their unique status (they will be listed as "custom" pets), and those who have multiple are free to either keep their additional pets or trade them to other users!


Loonole MYO Ticket Poll

On the subject of prices, we have been thinking over the current demand for Loonole MYO Tickets. We understand that it may be irritating for users to not be able to get their ticket while saving up their hard-earned loonoles, and as a result we have put together an official poll seeking feedback on a potential idea to remedy this issue! Along with this poll is an additional forum thread where we can hear additional feedback. The poll is linked here, with the thread contained within!

June 09, 2022 16:51:59 | 0 Comments

Guest Artist Advent Announcement!

12 Guest Artist-made designs are on their way soon... Please keep an eye out on the above dates for their posting, and see the full information here!

Discord Games Reminder

If you are not yet a member of our Discord server, now is a great time to join! We are currently running a Pride-themed art game, as well as Pyrros's Pastime -- a limited time, rapid-fire Discord game where Pyrros challenges YOU to a bit of friendly competition!

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Visual & Gallery Updates

Front Page Overhaul

The front page of the website has received an overhaul in design! Everything has been reorganized to give a more game-like feel, with quick links to certain pages of interest! There's even a couple future features being teased...

If anything looks strange, please reload the page using CTRL + F5!

New Profile Icons

Profiles got some sparkly new buttons! Both these and the new front page assets were drawn by @Raishiteru!

Art Gallery Upgrade

Do you crave the feeling of an art site? Crave no longer! You now have the ability to add captions, titles, and otherwise edit some aspects of approved ARPG pieces! We hope that this will add a more familiar environment to our site. You can also check out each art piece's individual page!

Additional features include being able to add characters during editing and multiple captions (artist and character owners both get their own)! You may also notice a setting involving comment sections (currently off by default). This is not fully implemented yet, and is planned for a future update!

June 06, 2022 16:51:28 | 1 Comments

1000 Member Milestone

Hello everyone! We, the staff at Lythbound, are happy to announce that we have officially reached 1,000 registered members on our website! This is an amazing honor, and we are so happy to have our community grow as big as it has!


All users with an account ID of 1,000 or less have received an exclusive achievement to commemorate the occasion!
Thank you so much for being part of Lythbound, and we hope to see you continue playing!


June 02, 2022 16:55:37 | 0 Comments