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Cupid's Letters

Cupid's Letters

Cupid's Letters are back again this year! Send anonymous letters to other players to tell them you care and appreciate them! Letters will be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate, due to being sent anonymously. Additionally, Cupid's helpers will leave a gift in your sticker album for each letter you send. Full information is available on the letter submission page. Letters must be submitted by February 12th at 23:59:59 and won't be sent out until after that point!

Other Updates

- Item wishlists have been added! To add an item to your wishlist, simply hover over the item image and click the "+" icon in the bottom right of the tooltip that pops up.

- Item tooltips have been updated in general to add links to various searches/information. Lythians also have tooltips on profiles and the masterlist, and we will be looking into further iterations of that as we move forward!

- Comment logs have been added to display your own past comments (found via "My Logs" in the navigation).

- Other various minor improvements.

Please look forward to the upcoming guest designer adoptables and event!

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February 1, 2021

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Syleira

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:

Shiny Beetle
Winged Ring
Tiny Feather
Old Candy
Cracked Bone

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Visual Art page!

Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest!
"...the loud, clattering noise as long forgotten explosives began to fire off rapidly in the abandoned mine.
The panicked screams escaping her throat as she saw the massive boulder collapse the tunnel her and her significant other were exploring.
She had managed to get out unscathed, for that she couldn't be any more grateful...but Riel…
Tears began to form in her eyes, her hands pushing pathetically against the large stone as she desperately tried to free her love from its grasp. "

Read more
Submission by: LordAxolotl

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Sticker Album!



Stickers have arrived! Stickers are a new category of item that can be stuck to you or your friends' Sticker Albums.

The only way to add stickers to your album is for others to add them or to utilize Faelyn's sticker service. To add a sticker to someone else's album, the sticker item must be in your inventory. From the options menu, you can select a user to add the sticker to their album. Once in your album, you can sort them to be displayed in whatever order you would like.

Stickers can be found in Faelyn's new Sticker Shop, as prizes from Arcade games for high enough scores, and as special reputation items with other shop NPCs when you have purchased enough of their stock. More stickers will be added in the coming days as well!

Other Updates

- Entries for this month's Monthly Contest will end soon, at January 22, 2021, 23:59:59, after which point voting will begin!

- A calendar has been added to help detail end dates for events, as well as show when past news/events ran. This can be accessed from the front page or the Information Hub.

- Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Valentine's design event! We will be contacting artists via Discord soon!

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Subspecies, Shop Stock, and Temp GA Event

Subspecies Item and Shop Stock

The Subspecies Change Potion is now available. This item can be used to apply an asterisk-marked subspecies (per their species information page) to your Lythian. Quest subspecies marked with ⁂ cannot be acquired with this item, nor can it be applied to crossbreeds.

This item is available in the gem shop for 1000 gems, but we intend to release unique subspecies items via game activities and events as we move forward as well.

Not to be outdone, Truffle has acquired and released a limited stock of MYO tickets!

Guest Artist Valentine's Event

A new Guest Artist event is available for sign-ups for anyone interested in being a temporary designer. Sign-ups for this event will close on January 20th at 23:59:59.

We are seeking guest artists for a Valentine's themed sales event (advent-style), to be held in the middle of February. Please sign up if you would be interested in participating and completing 1 Lythian design by a deadline of February 10th, 2020.

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New Site Features

Final Lumiheim rewards have been sent out. Thank you for your participation this year!

We're here today to highlight a few new things that have been added to the site recently:

- Pets can now be sorted after being attached to a Lythian. A sort button will be visible on the profile of your Lythians which currently have pets attached.

- "Lythian page"s have been added, which allow the Lythian's owner to create and edit a unique page for each of their Lythians. These pages are completely blank by default to allow full freedom of editing, and may be used as you see fit, as long as they do not break our Terms of Service. A Lythian's page will be displayed as a link under "Information" on their profile, but will not be accessible until edited at least once by their owner. (Editing is also possible via the "Edit Page" button on their profile.)

- All users now have access to a vault from their inventory. The vault can be used to store your items and currency, preventing them from being used in other areas of the game or site. Items in your vault will not be displayed should you choose to make your inventory public.

- And today's big update...

Lythian Relationships

Lythians can now connect their profiles with other Lythians and companions by adding them as relationships (relationships are not limited to friends, romantic interest, companion, etc — this is simply the term used for the feature to indicate a link between characters, and you may label them however you would like). This can be accessed by the Lythian's owner under the "Community" section of their profile. Companions and Lythians are both eligible to be linked, however you may only add your own companions, while you may request a relationship with a Lythian belonging to anyone registered as a site member.

Should you request to create a relationship with a Lythian you don't own, the relationship will be marked pending and won't be displayed on your Lythian's profile until the other user confirms it (they will receive a notification with info on confirming or denying).

Relationships can be sorted (to appear in different order on your Lythian's profile), edited, and deleted at will.

Transferring a companion will remove all relationships that companion is in, due to the ownership restriction on companions used in relationships.

Gem Shop

Additionally, we have added an on-site shop to allow the purchase of gems with USD without requiring the use of Patreon. The Patreon will still continue to award the current bonuses that it provides (gems, pet, etc. each month), however the cash shop has been added so that a subscription is not the only option to gain gems.
Payments will be processed via PayPal and gems automatically sent by the system within 5 minutes of purchase.

We will also be looking into adding items to the shop such as our charity items (currently available via Storenvy) in the near future.

January 07, 2021 19:42:45 | 1 Comments