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November 1, 2021

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Eloria

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Purple Candy Corn
Old Candy
Heart Balloon

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Written Art page!

Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest!
Submission by: Cinder

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Tagging System & Haunted Faire Sales Preview!

Lythian and Companion Tagging

You can now add tags to your Lythians and Companions. Tags can be searched for via the masterlist pages, if you are looking for a specific type of Lythian for example, any that have been tagged blue.

Tags can be edited by editing the profile of any Lythian or Companion you own.

You can also block tags in your account settings, which will cause a Companion or Lythian's image (that has been tagged by one of your blocked tags) to be blurred out for you until you interact with it.

Haunted Faire Sales

A selection of guest designs are incoming!

Between today and Friday, special Djiminnis will be posted each day by guest artists at 17:00:00 site time!

A Haunted Faire gacha is on the way!

On October 30 at 14:00:00 site time, the above 11 playable species designs will go up for specific design preclaim (first-come-first-serve flatsale). Preclaim sales will be slightly higher in price than random rolls.
On October 31 at 14:00:00 site time, any remaining designs will be available for random roll at a lower price.

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Exploration Editor and UI Updates!

Exploration Editor

Lythians can now create their own realms for exploration, and visit their fellow Lythians' realms as well!

Lythians can canonically create "sanctuary" spaces which are basically small pocket realms, and explorations may be used to create an adventure through these realms. If you would like the adventure to be about that, that is.

If you would like the adventure to be something else, you can do that too!

Areas/Pages may utilize HTML for further customization!

Essentially, this is a choose-your-own-adventure creator that creates an adventure associated with each of your Lythians. When you create these, you can mark them as private until you're ready for the world to see them. Then change them to public and they will be displayed in the Lythian Explorations Index and on that Lythian's profile!

Unlike "Sanctioned Explorations," these explorations do not have system rewards. Please have fun telling stories for others to adventure through!

UI Updates

- "Market" has been added to the navigation, and links related to shops and trade have been moved from Explore to this tab. A new link to owned shops has been added.

- Shop Quickstock can now be used to move multiple items from one's inventory to one's vault.

- Shop Quickstock and Stock Edit have received minor UI updates.

- The "Friend Feed" of your Dashboard will now display when friends have made a new forum post.


Entries for the Haunted Faire's costume contest close at October 22, 2021 23:59:59 EDT! Be sure to enter if you plan to do so.

Have you found any of the hiding Eidolons? They will appear in various places across the site until the end of the month. Work with your fellow Lyth residents to find them!

October 20, 2021 17:45:49 | 1 Comments

Welcome, Jackyls!

Welcome, Jackyls!

We briefly interrupt your Haunted Faire festivities to bring you some new friends: Jackyls!


Jackyls were created by 40mg(DeviantArt) and then owned and developed by TropicalPrimate (DeviantArt) and EXxiilED (DeviantArt). We have recently obtained ownership of this wonderful species and are excited to bring them into the realms of Lythbound!

You can read all about Jackyls on their newly-added species page and there are also two subspecies added to Gryfons and Axomaurs respectively, based on species designs by NorthernRed (DeviantArt) and TropicalPrimate (DeviantArt) respectively.


Other than new information, we will be porting the original Jackyls masterlist on-site today! No ownership will be changed during this import and Jackyls will also be receiving an announcement on their end regarding this update!

If you own a Jackyl and already linked your account to DeviantArt before this announcement, please contact us via Support Ticket to get those ownerships updated! If you newly join after this announcement, simply link your Lythbound account to DeviantArt and your Jackyls will automatically be added (as well as a special achievement for having been involved prior to Jackyls joining us here)!


Additionally, Jackyls will be available for creation via MYO tickets as soon as the masterlist import is complete! You may also want to take a look at their subspecies, as a rather monstrous one is available right away which might interest current Haunted Faire visitors... (Monster Jackyls can be created via the Moonsbane Potion, currently available from the Haunted Faire!)

Once again, welcome to our new friends!

(Thanks to Raishiteru and CakeBird for species adaptation work!)

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Two-Factor Authentication!

Lythbound now offers Two-Factor Authentication!

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds a second layer of security to your Lythbound account by linking it to an authentication app (such as Google Authenticator [Android / iOS] or Authy). This app then generates a limited-time six-digit code, which becomes required anytime you log in.

Adding this means that anyone trying to log into your account needs both your password and access to the device which is displaying your code. We do not require 2FA, but recommend it as an extra layer of security.

When you enable 2FA, you can then request an emergency backup code. Keep this code somewhere safe, as it can be used to disable 2FA in case you ever lose your linked device, and it will only be displayed once.

You can activate 2FA on your account via the navigation: Personal -> Account Settings -> Two-Factor Auth (2FA)

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