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End of Áthlima, Crossbreeds, and Something on the Horizon...

Goodbye, Áthlima!

With the end of July comes the wrap-up of the realm of Áthlima. We hope you had a fantastic time participating in our summer event! As always, any submissions made prior to August 1st are still being counted! This includes the July Gift Bonuses and Event Bonuses. If your ARPG submission was or is rejected for any reason, you may resubmit it within 7 days from the rejection time, having made any fixes requested.

Item rewards for cumulative submissions will be manually issued by staff once the grace period has passed for all submissions, or all submissions have been approved.

Once all submissions are handled, the "Visit Áthlima" tab will be officially hidden from view until next year! Additionally, Pyrros's Pavilion will be available until August 31st! This will allow you to exchange any leftover Daiko for Loonoles, or buy any last-minute items.

Lyara's Blessings

Crossbreeds have received some changes in regards to scheduling and designing! Going forward, Crossbreeds no longer are required to be based on two existing Lythians. They still will need two "parent species," but this is solely to depict what kind of Crossbreed they are.

Furthermore, Crossbreeds now have slightly higher availability! Loonole slots will be available in Truffle's Treasure Trove during the following months: February, May, August, and November. They are priced at 1500 Loonoles, and every user is allowed to buy one per each of these months! Gem slots, on the other hand, will not be purchasable until Lythbound's Anniversary Week. This will take place between December 2nd to December 9th. Gem Slots will be priced at 1500 Gems, and every user will be allowed to purchase an unlimited amount of them. We hope this enables them to be kept interesting, but make them a bit more obtainable!

Additionally, to accompany these new changes, you may notice that Lythians no longer have a breeding indicator. This is entirely intentional! We would instead like to simply encourage the regular use of slots and the relationship feature if for those who would like to create in character children for their Lythians.


For those who aren't in our official Discord Server, it seems that a new realm has been discovered, and with it, two new species! We don't have much information at this current time, but perhaps soon we'll be able to meet these strange new Lythians...


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August 1, 2022

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Jarre

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Thin Petals
Fairy Brush

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Visual Art page!

Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest!
"Hearthfire was not really a writer. Oh, he was literate enough, he could read just fine and he knew his letters, but when it came to the actual expression part of writing it became so much harder. All too often, what he wanted to say, the feelings that hummed beneath his feathrs and skin, just couldn't be expressed in the words he had. He'd joined a writing group in hopes of better developing that skill, but even with the advice he still often found his pen stilled, at a loss for words. And tonight was the night that he was supposed to present a poem. He had so many scribbled pages s..."
Read more
Submission by: GrayGriffin

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A Virtuous Shrine and Freedom of the Body!

The Shrine of Virtue


Our local Vives Sect Haenym, Leaff, has opened her shrine to the public! Donate your items for other travelers to collect! You are also free to take some for yourself if you need, but not too many per day! That being said, rumor tells that Leaff will reward especially charitable Lythians...

Body Type Asterisk Removal

Body Types are now completely free from asterisks! This means when making a new character design, you no longer need to additionally add a Scissors of Redesign to your character in order to make it a different body type! Do note however, you will still need to use the item in the event of redesigning a Lythian.

We also understand that previously, certain Symphony slots used body types as higher, pricier rarities. With that in mind, anyone with a +Bass slot will be compensated with 1 Scissors of Redesign item, while anyone with a +Bass/Tenor/Flat slot will be compensated with 2 Scissors of Redesign! (These will be sent out shortly.)

Clarification On Redesigns

We have added a couple new answers to the FAQ regarding Redesigning Lythians! You may find these answers under
"How do I remove Subspecies? What if I want to change from an Asterisk'd Subspecies to a Non-Asterisk'd Subspecies?" and
"How do I change or remove a Body Type?"

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Newcomer's Delight & QoL

Achievements... With a Catch!

We have added a whole slew of new achievements to be earned! Both members new and old will be able to receive them. However, you might notice you'll get a little bonus for the first level... These are our new beginner goals achievements! These achievements will reward you a Starter Lythian Slot in exchange for learning about and participating a specific feature on-site.

Currently, there's only four of these achievements, but we wholly intend on adding more as time goes on! For users who have already met these goals, these achievements will automatically adjust themselves to the proper level when you next do something related to them. Please let us know via support ticket if your Starter Lythian Slots are not properly rewarded or you notice any other issues!

Additionally, you may find yourself getting another prize if you max these achievements' levels out...


Login Rewards!

Additionally, we've added a new feature to the site: Login Rewards! Every day, you'll be able to receive a reward for logging onto the site, and you may notice there's a different reward for each day of the week! Additionally, keeping a consecutive streak will earn you some extra special rewards...gem.png

With this, we've also introduced some new plushies! These ones in particular have "recolored" variants of one another. If you manage to get all three colors of one plush, you'll be able to craft them into a fancier version! There's only three of these for now, but we hope to add more different flavors in the future!


Quality of Life Updates

- ARPG Submissions are now paginated on Lythian profiles! This should help prevent lag issues caused by loading a large number of images all at once on index entries.

- Speaking of Lythians, we now have an option to show or hide uncollected collectables (such as plushies) on a Lythian. By default this setting is on (meaning they will be showing), but it can be adjusted per Lythian OR affect all Lythians through a new mass setting! Furthermore on the subject of plushies, collected plushies will now appear in front of uncollected ones.

- Lastly in regards to Lythian index entries, the report button has been moved out of the way to help prevent accidental clicking! Eventually, we will be adding a confirmation box to completely prevent misclicks.

- Outside of index entries, you can now search for Egg/Non-Egg Companions, as well as Infected/Non-Infected Characters. We have also added a new FAQ regarding redesigning companions!

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FAQ, Athlima, and a Personal Note

FAQ Additions

Several new questions and answers related to Lythian characters with multiple bodies and heads have been added to the FAQ as well as Symphonies' FAQ.

Athlima Reminder

Not much time is left to participate in Áthlima! The Season of Athlympians will be ending at July 31, 2022 23:59:59 site time! Be sure to get your prompts submitted and participate in all the realm has to offer until it disappears until next time!


Hello! This section of the news will be a little more personal than usual, and I, Jack, am writing this directly.

My fiance is being evicted from his apartment on August 22nd. We have been long distance for many years now, and given the spiking rent prices in the US, would like to take this opportunity for him to move to my location (Tennessee). To this end, we have started a fundraiser to help and acquire the money needed to establish housing once he gets here.


Thanks to the efforts of CakeBird and StardustMinka, I have placed some new limited time pets in the cash shop. These are accompanied by more information about our situation and our original PayPal fundraiser for further accountability. Money from these pets will go dually toward my and my fiance's attempts to acquire housing, as well as shared with SunglassesArlo to help with car repairs that have appeared during the course of setting up this fundraiser.
The pets we are offering are all marked as "custom," similarly to the Pride pets. So they will not show up as "missing" from your bestiary if not collected.


While they are limited and paid, I would like to stress that while all help is appreciated, you should always ensure that your own needs are met before assisting us. Thank you so much for reading this and spending your time playing Lythbound!

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