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Visual & Gallery Updates

Front Page Overhaul

The front page of the website has received an overhaul in design! Everything has been reorganized to give a more game-like feel, with quick links to certain pages of interest! There's even a couple future features being teased...

If anything looks strange, please reload the page using CTRL + F5!

New Profile Icons

Profiles got some sparkly new buttons! Both these and the new front page assets were drawn by @Raishiteru!

Art Gallery Upgrade

Do you crave the feeling of an art site? Crave no longer! You now have the ability to add captions, titles, and otherwise edit some aspects of approved ARPG pieces! We hope that this will add a more familiar environment to our site. You can also check out each art piece's individual page!

Additional features include being able to add characters during editing and multiple captions (artist and character owners both get their own)! You may also notice a setting involving comment sections (currently off by default). This is not fully implemented yet, and is planned for a future update!

June 06, 2022 16:51:28 | 1 Comments

1000 Member Milestone

Hello everyone! We, the staff at Lythbound, are happy to announce that we have officially reached 1,000 registered members on our website! This is an amazing honor, and we are so happy to have our community grow as big as it has!


All users with an account ID of 1,000 or less have received an exclusive achievement to commemorate the occasion!
Thank you so much for being part of Lythbound, and we hope to see you continue playing!


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Season of Áthlympians


An all-new summer event has arrived for all to partake in!
This event runs until July 31st, 2022 23:59:59 EST

To see everything available for the season of Áthlympians, make sure to visit the event hub!

New Realm - Áthlima


A brand new realm has opened its doors for all who wish to enter! The Realm of Áthlima is now yours to discover, with the appropriate realm key of course…


New Companion Species - Skeye


Skeye are an avian-like species found only in the realm of Áthlima, where it is an ancient tradition to keep and train them. Thought to be distantly related to Chime Fish, these small metal creatures make a melodic whistling noise as air passes through their hollow heads during flight. This inspired the residents of Áthlima to train Skeye to be the referees for all their sports games, as they have excellent vision and can make loud whistling noises if they spot any foul plays or cheating.


Collect materials to make their lure and build up your familiarity with Áthlima to take one home!
(Skeye created by Cakebird and Raishiteru!)


This year, Aegeus is challenging all who are willing to partake in his 9 sports-themed prompts! Completing these will award you with unique prizes including the coveted Athlympian achievement!


Aegeus, a friendly Pygmy Jackyl, is the deity of athletes and sports. While his small stature and cute looks often result in him being underestimated, it is said he became the deity of Áthlima by beating his rival Pyrros – an infamously athletic Chuikha – in a one-thousand-mile race across the lands of the realm over a hundred years ago. Today, you can find him and his trusty companion, Nephele, teaching Lythians how to play many different sports over at the Stadium.

Completing each prompt gives you a sticker unique to that prompt’s sport!
Completing all 9 prompts gives you the “Athlympian” achievement and a special frame!


Along with Aegeus’s assignments, 12 vacation-themed prompts will also be available for those of us who would rather kick back, or need some chill time from all the athletics.


Completing at least one prompt gives you the “Summer Fun” achievement!
Completing all twelve prompts gives you an MYO Playable Species ticket!

Pyrros's Pavilion


Pyrros, a hotheaded Chuikha and Aegeus's long-time rival, has set up shop for those looking to take a piece of Áthlima home with them! However, unlike most other realms, the currency here is a bit different. All items here cost Daiko, the Áthlimian currency! You can get your hands on some Daiko by submitting art for any event prompt or Áthlima realm familiarity/general quests just like you would Loonoles.


Please include only one prompt per submission to ensure you receive your rewards!

Volleyball and Áthlimian Shelter Pets


Until July 31st, 2022 23:59:59 EST, you can visit the profiles of other members to start a game of volleyball with them! Like any game of volleyball, the goal is to keep the ball above the (inter)net between you and your friend. When you toss a volleyball, the user you serve it to will have the opportunity to hit it back, and vice versa. Every time you serve a Volleyball or pass one back, you’ll get a gift, and your Volleyball streak will increase by 1 with that person! If you manage to hit a streak of 10 with any individual on-site, you'll get the special “Ballin’” achievement.
Just remember, you can only serve or hit 5 times a day, so pick who you want to increase your streak with carefully!

Treats received from this feature can be used to feed special Athlympian-themed pets that are appearing in the pet shelter, also until July 31st, 2021 23:59:59 EST! You may also find some ingredients for crafting here too!

June is Pride Month!

Along with our pride-themed visual art contest this month, players who choose to join us in the Official Lythbound Discord will get a chance to earn some extra Loonoles and their choice of a Pride shark pet! Some lucky members might even get an RNG-granted Discord exclusive pet…


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June 1, 2022

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: that one kid

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Yellow Diamond
Aromatic Oil
Spool of Thread

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Visual Art page!

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Gifting Gacha, Companion interaction, and Random Lythian Updates

Gifting Gacha

  • The Gifting Gacha has received a major upgrade! Some players may have noticed a brief maintenance period for the Gifting Gacha, due to some new systems being implemented. Now, in true Gacha fashion, rarer items have a lower chance to drop than uncommon or common items. If you're lucky, you may even get an all-new and mysterious epic item… To account for this new rarity system, Gacha rolls are now 15 Gift Tokens instead of 30!

  • Additionally, a new 10x Roll option has been added, allowing you to quickly toss 150 tokens into the gacha at once!

  • This new rarity system will also affect the items from Ingredient Loot Boxes, as well (rare items can drop, but will be rare!).


Companion Interactions

  • Interacting with another player's companion now has a low chance of dropping a Gift Token! Previously, only your own faithful companions would bring you items for interacting with them. This new update now gives other players' companions a chance of dropping one gift token as thanks for playing with them!

Random Lythian

  • The Random Lythian page now displays a separate section for Lythians allowing gift writing! We hope this will help our local Lythian authors find suitable subjects for their written works!

Fluff delivers a bizarre transmission...

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