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[EVENT] A Realm of Lyth Valentine's

Valentine's event announcement banner

The Realm of Lyth is happy to announce...a Valentine's-themed mini event!

✦ Cupid's Letters

'Tis the season of love and secret admirers!
Write up a note to send to a friend or someone you admire, or even someone you just want to send some good vibes to.
Cupid's helpers will deliver it to them on Valentine's Day (February 14th)!

Cupid's letters have been sent out to site accounts! Thank you for participating!

✦ Bonbon Gacha


On February 14th, specific pre-purchase options will be available for a slightly higher price.
On February 15th-16th, the gacha will open for cheaper random roll options.
On February 17th, the remaining designs may be revealed by the artist themselves and put up for regular sale.

✦ Hidden Companions

Themed companions may be hidden around the DeviantArt group and submissions on and around February 14th.
We will update this when they are hidden so you know when to start searching!

[2.14] 1 Slyme & 1 Kiklet
[2.15] 1 Zoot & 1 Slyme
[2.16] 1 Roobite

✦ Valentine's Pet Shop Stock


Until February 24th, 2020 @ 23:59:59 EST, some 2019 Valentine's pets are available in the Igroven Pet Shop!
Once this event is over, they will not be available again until next year!

✦ Valentine's Prompts for Pets


The Persian Purfec, Drabloon, and Cookie Jellybun are out to play again!
They are only obtainable through our Valentine's art prompts:

✦ You're the Sweetest

Make a punny or corny Valentine's card featuring a Lythian!
For writing, this could be a poem instead.

✦ It's S'more Than a Feeling

Depict your Lythian confessing to someone (or several someones).
Their feelings can be romantic, friendly, or maybe even rivalry!
If using others' characters, please obtain permission for the interaction first.

✦ I Like You a Choco-LOT

Your Lythian has received a gift of chocolate!
Do they enjoy it? Do they hate it? Did they just find it in their pocket and are perplexed?
Depict how they react to this candy windfall.

✦ Requirements

Visual at least clean lines and flat colors (or shading if black and white)
Written at least 250 words per prompt (or per participant if RP log)
You can turn in a maximum of three prompts; you can do one prompt three times if you'd like!
Submit them via the ARPG submit form under "Event Prompt."
They must be turned in by February 24th @ 23:59:59 to be eligible for rewards!

✦ Rewards

One of the three Valentine's pets listed above will be randomly rolled for you.
(It is possible to receive multiples, so we encourage you to trade with others!)
You will also receive 5 Loonoles as a base reward.


It's time to spread some good vibes and chocolate this February!
If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave a comment~

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Welcome, Nudinyms!

Hello everyone!

We've started a few recent updates with this but: we are here with exciting news once more!

We recently began working with Lighterium and 0alacrity to bring Nudinyms into the Realm of Lyth, in a similar fashion to the recent merges with Symph Pond and Astral Story. Today we are here to announce that Nudinyms are now officially permanent residents of Lyth!

As with previous merges, this means a couple things:

Nudinyms' Masterlist is being merged into our existing Masterlist. If you own a Nudinym, they will be added to your Lyth account and they will be playable in all things, just as other antecedents are!

Nudinyms' community will be merged in with our own -- please give them a warm welcome!

And we will be able to utilize many of Nudinyms' ARPG concepts for upcoming game features. They've got a lot of cool ideas and we've been busily working away at implementation (while still working on some other things we have had on the docket through January).

If you were a member of Nudinyms prior to the merge, we will be working on inventory transfers in the coming days. For accounts that have already linked site and DeviantArt together, we will work through and award items and currency. If you haven't yet linked to DeviantArt, you can do so and we will transfer your inventory at that time (as we have done with Symphonies).

Jelly, Nudinyms' previous currency, will be converted to Loonoles at a 1:1 ratio.
Most items will be transferred over directly, though a couple cases may be receiving a name change.

And finally, an achievement will be rewarded to those who owned a Nudinym or had an inventory and participation in the Nudinym ARPG prior to the merge.

One other adjustment coming with this update is a change to items previously categorized as “Trinkets.” Trinkets (or “Treasures”) were a collectible feature carried over from Astral Story. We have decided that we would rather focus on pets, badges, and passports as the primary collectibles for individual Lythians. Thus we will be removing currently attached Trinkets from Lythians (they won’t disappear; they’ll go into your inventory!) and changing their item type to be “Ingredients” which will be used in the upcoming crafting feature.

Thank you to everyone for reading and we look forward to a future with these sociable sea kids in our world!

Please go here to read their announcement!

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Welcome, Astral Story!

Hello, everyone!
January has been a busy month and it’s time for a new announcement.
Please welcome Astral Story and its denizens!

✦ Astral Integration

Astral Story was actually a project that I (Jack) had worked on throughout 2019, and then continued simultaneously alongside Lyth for a while. Unfortunately, running two games stretched me a bit too thin, and after the success of the Lyth merge, I decided (with the help of Lyth’s team) to merge Astral Story into the Realm of Lyth!

Similar to the Symph Pond merger earlier this year, Astral Story’s species and concepts are being absorbed completely into Lyth, so you’ll be seeing some new faces and features thanks to this! We expect this to mostly be a lot of additions to Lyth, same as it was with the Symph merger, and I’m excited to move forward with even more cool species to play with! Astral Story species will gain the ability to take part in any aspect of Lyth that any of our other playable species can.

Here's the six new Astrals, who will now be resident Lythians:

axomaur.png flyte.png gryfon.png
kella-ser.png natbaktera.png wolfren.png

Artwork by @Jackalune and Species Guide!

If you had an Astral Story account, we will also be merging those into Lyth, so you will be able to redeem and keep earned things on your Realm of Lyth account! We hope to once again fully integrate this new community with the Lythian community, so please give the Astral Story folks a warm welcome as well!

✦ Currency Changes

The biggest alteration happening along with this is currency changes. With these merges and a re-evaluation of our many currencies, we have reached the decision to merge all currencies into one: Loonoles. While we may have other event/specific currencies in the future, we feel that one currency for all primary shops and functions will be less confusing and allow us to focus less on balancing that section of the game, so we can put more of our efforts into making other new features.

To facilitate this, the following currency will be changed to Loonoles at the following rates:

All Lyth Currencies 1:1 Loonoles (1 any currency = 1 Loonole)
That'd be Carashean, Colozian, Ladarka, Mordial, Pippik, Loy, Moyn, Myur, Wreyn, Wyar, and Zeyl.
Marbles 1:1 Loonoles (1 Marble = 1 Loonole)
Dust (Astral Story’s currency) 5:1 Loonoles (5 Dust = 1 Loonoles)

Gems are NOT being changed, as these were purchased with USD.
We are still working on the best method of releasing paid currency perks for those with this currency.

Our plan from here is to adjust the amount earned from various art activities, as well as potentially shop prices, to try and ensure a stable economy, and better equality for currency-earning between artistic methods moving forward.


I am very excited to work on all of the new things coming to Lyth, and hope you all are excited to see them as well!
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please join our Discord for live assistance~

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[CHARITY EVENT] #LythforAustralia

Australia bush fire relief announcement banner

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the #LythforAustralia event! Thanks to everyone's donations, you managed to raise approximately $347 AUD for the listed charities working to aid the Australian bush fire relief! This is absolutely incredible and we are so thankful for everyone's generosity!

There are still a couple designs available that are also aimed to raise money for these charities, so the final total will end up being over $350 AUD!

Thank you all so much again! We look forward to holding more charity events in the future and hope that everyone enjoyed this event as well!


Though this event has ended, the following text from the announcement remains for posterity:

The Realm of Lyth is holding a short charity event in order to help raise money for the Australia bush fire relief efforts!
During the course of this event (from January 19 - January 25), we will be offering a variety of designs and cosmetic items for sale.
100% of the proceeds will be going to various Australian charities.

We have three approved charities which can be donated to for this event:
The Red Cross
The Center of Disaster Philanthropy

For proof, please screenshot the donation receipt!
The total amount donated and date of donation must be visible.
Your real name, address, and other personal information may be blacked out.

Of course, we also want to reward you for being a kind soul!

✦ Lythian Designs

Designs teaser banner

Pictured designs by: Jackalune, Raishiteru, Yams, and toripng

Over the course of the event, designs from the staff and guest artists will be available via flat sale, auction, and raffle.
They will be hosted on the creators' accounts and posted to the group gallery.
Only real currency will be accepted for these, as the goal is to raise money for charity!

✦ Collectible Creatures

Orch Collectible Creature

Orches (art by toripng)

With this event, we are introducing a new collectible creature species: the Orch!
You can read more about Orches on their species information page.

For the duration of the event, we will be hiding Orches and other collectible creatures around the DeviantArt group (and other official pages).
If you are the first to find them, they can be held by replying to the original comment (not their post).
After your hold has been placed, you have 1 hour to make a donation of the required amount.
Then, comment again with a proof of donation and your site username.
After confirmation, we will link your new collectible creature to your site account!

✦ Hidden Collectibles ✦

[1.19] 1 Orch & 1 Rulat
[1.20] 1 Rulat
[1.21] 1 Orch & 1 Rulat
[1.22] 1 Rulat
[1.23] 1 Orch & 1 Rulat
[1.24] 1 Rulat

✦ Pets

Frogdrate, Ecarena, and Krowala (art by Buntato)

We are offering three exclusive pets that are only available during this event!
They are available for $1 (Frogdrate), $5 (Frogdrate and Ecarena), and $10 (all three!) donations.
You will receive all pets valued at and under your donation amount; if you donate $10, you get all three of them!
You can also buy multiple sets with higher donation amounts!
To claim these pets, please provide a proof of donation and your site username as a reply to this comment.
Pets will be added to your site inventory and can then be attached to Lythians and nicknamed and displayed on their profiles.

✦ Spread the Word, Not the Fire

Messenger Kiklet
Messenger Kiklet (art by Buntato)

Last but not least, we are holding a free raffle.
To enter, you must post a DeviantArt journal, status, or poll advertising this event!
Then, comment with your ad here to receive one raffle ticket.

You can also earn additional tickets by making and posting promotional artwork.
Please draw your Lythian raising awareness for Australia in any way!
The artwork does not need to be fully rendered but must have some color.
You may create up to four pieces for four additional raffle tickets.
Please submit them to our #LythforAustralia Gallery Folder and also reply!

Your five possible raffle tickets are for these prizes:
1st Place: "Messenger" Kiklet ✦
2nd Place: 1 Orch Egg (MYO slot) ✦
3rd Place: 1 Orch Egg (MYO slot) ✦

And for every 10 entries, we will add an additional Orch Egg to the prize pool!
(You cannot win multiple prizes.)

✦ Achievement

#LythforAustralia Achievement (art by Buntato)

An exclusive badge that will be proudly displayed in your achievement case on site!
This can be earned by anyone who sends in a donation for this event.
Those who cannot offer monetary support can still get this achievement by entering the raffle above with one piece of artwork!


Thank you so much for participating in our little event and let's do our best to help out the bush fire relief efforts!
(If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave them as a reply here!)

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Welcome, Symph Pond!

Hello everyone! We’ve got an exciting announcement today regarding a species you might be familiar with from the past: Symphonies!

We have been speaking with Bun and Sol, the creator-owners of Symphonies (and Lilipeeps) regarding options to bring Symphs back into the world of Lyth. The ultimate result of this is they have generously offered to allow myself (Jackalune) to acquire Symphonies with the intention of Realm of Lyth completely absorbing the world and species and merging the two into one game. I'm absolutely stoked to have this opportunity to bring even more content to a larger community and help grow the world of Lyth and Symphonies together!

For existing Lyth concepts, not much is changing. It's primarily a lot of additions! The intention is to merge in some of the existing Symphony lore, and add on their island continent (Igroven) to our map as an explorable location (where you can use the Symphony currency in their shops!). We would also like to bring in some of their quests and concepts, such as Notes (baby Symphs), and pets (which will be a type of collectible that you can attach to ANY Lythian!).

Symphonies will also be able to take part in any aspect of Lyth that any of our other playable species can. We intend to implement a capturable egg for them so that you can get a free MYO (just like you can an Onini or Shecean, for example). If you already have a Symphony/Lilipeep or Symph inventory, we will also be merging those into Lyth, so you will be able to redeem and keep those on your Realm of Lyth account!

Additionally, our hope is to fully integrate the Symphony community with the Lythian community so please give them a warm welcome! We also have extended the opportunity for their staff and guest artists to stay on with us if they would like, so you may see some new faces in our staff team.

I am super excited to work on merging the world of Symphonies with Lyth and cannot wait to see what cool stories we can come up with in the future!

You can also read their post here, with further information on how Symphony species and inventories will be adjusted for Lyth: "IMPORTANT NEWS :: About the future of the Species "

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