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The Pit! (+ Miscellaneous Updates)

The Pit


The Pit has arrived! The Pit, a mysterious hole in an unspecified realm, is now available for you to toss items. The pit will usually toss Loonoles back out at you, but rumors say that other items may sometimes come out...
You can find the Pit via the navigation: Activities -> Activities Hub -> The Pit

Items tossed into the pit are permanently removed from your inventory!


Potential Loonole values for items in your inventory are displayed when you visit the Pit (the amount you receive may not be exactly what is displayed before tossing the item).
- Items that can be purchased from an NPC shop will always return 15% of the NPC shop's purchase price for that item.
- Items that come from other sources may vary in price depending on the following factors: number of that item in existence, number and value of the item in user shops, rarity of the item from its source, and a random slight variation depending on how nice the Pit wants to be
- Some items, such as MYO tickets, custom pets, and other items originally purchased with real life currency, cannot be tossed into the pit.

Please note: we will be monitoring the Loonoles received from items tossed in the Pit and may make future adjustments to the algorithm used to determine item values.

Miscellaneous Updates

- You may now choose to post a message on the Forum "as" one of your Lythians. Just choose "IC" via the slider when making a new post!

- When entering "Sort Mode" for your Lythians or Companions, two new "Quick Sort" buttons have been added. These can be used to quickly arrange your characters in alphabetical (or reverse) order by name or numerical (or reverse) order by ID number. You sitll need to save your changes after using one of these buttons!

- Wishlists have received further sorting options in their search function.

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New Companions for Capture, Misc & Arcade Updates

New Companions for Capture

Now that the denizens of Lyth have become more familiar with Reenah and its landscape, two new companions are now available for capture!

Phamies and Lumizoa are both now available via Companion Captures using Lythians that have the requisite Reenah familiarity and taming skill level.

Some other adjustments have been made to various companion capture rates to help balance out the leveling process (rates increased/added at lower levels).

Miscellaneous Updates

- You may now add personal notes to your friends via your friends list page. These are personal notes are visible only to you.

- You may now favorite your known crafting recipes, which will cause them to appear at the top of your recipes list.

- A new account setting has been added: "Hide username in pet shelter and arcade high score tables".
This setting will anonymize your username in the pet shelter and arcade game high score tables from everyone other than staff. (A random NPC name will be displayed instead!)

- You can now display direct message conversation in oldest-to-newest message order (default) or newest-to-oldest message order (new). Helpful for long conversations so you don't need to scroll as far down! You can sort a conversation while viewing any specific conversation you are a member of and the setting will be saved until you choose to change it.

- MYOs have a new "Baby?" option which will explicitly inform staff if a submitted character as a baby or not.

Arcade Game Updates

Please ensure that the title screen of arcade games displays the version mentioned below or higher to take advantage of these updates!

Ghost Collector V.
- Add new rare eidolon spawn: "+1 eidolon" which will add 1 additional life if successfully tapped
- In hardmode: ghost spawn rate adjustments (aiming to make the "ramp-up" rate feel better)

Star Flyte V.
- Backend error improvements
- Fix post-pause timer resetting
- Attempt to fix sometimes not loading in Chrome
- Add full screen toggle outside of title screen
- Display Loonole reward in the game itself on send score

Lost Bells V.
- Backend error improvements
- Add full screen toggle outside of title screen
- Display Loonole reward in the game itself on send score

Flapping Kiklet V.
- Backend error improvements
- Fix post-pause timer resetting
- Add full screen toggle outside of title screen
- Display Loonole reward in the game itself on send score

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New Achievements, Companion Likes, Oekaki

New Achievements

New achievements have been added for successful crafting and cumulative gifting gacha rolls.

These are semi-retroactive. If you qualify for these achievements from previous participation in these activities, you will receive the the achievement(s) you qualify for on your next successful crafting attempt/gacha roll.

Companion Likes

You can now "like" companions via their profiles, similar to liked Lythians. You may view all of your liked characters from the Liked Characters page (previously "Liked Lythians"), which now has some search functionality as well.


Art may now be created using the Lythbound Oekaki, which is built using ChickenPaint and integrated with our forum.

✦ Images can be saved to your PC or uploaded to the server.
✦ You may currently save one in-progress image to the server without posting it publicly. This image will automatically load next time you open the oekaki.
✦ When an image is uploaded to the server, it automatically creates a thread in the Oekaki Forum Category as well.
✦ There is no minimum time requirement for art pieces submitted here, but works should exhibit a level of effort which would be at minimum submittable as an ARPG work.
✦ Oekaki pieces submitted to the site should be Lythbound related in some way. (Realm landscapes, etc, are permissable.)

Additionally, like other aspects of Lythbound, all oekaki submissions must also follow our Terms of Service.

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Lythian Profile Updates

Lythian Profile Updates

Lythian profiles have been refreshed and now feature a cleaner, updated UI design!

You may also now set preferences for written gift works separately from drawn/visual gifts via Lythian profiles. (Or mass assign a setting on your Owned Lythians page.)

This update also adds "previous" and "next" buttons to Lythian profiles (and Companion profiles!), allowing you to quickly move between an individual's Lythians and companions.


Ghost Collector updated to V.
- Backend error improvements
- Fix post-pause timer resetting
- Add full screen toggle outside of title screen
- Adjustments to ghost spawn locations
- Display Loonole reward in the game itself on send score

Lumiheim Wrap-Up

All rewards for Lumiheim prompts have been sent out at the beginning of this month. If you believe you are missing anything, please contact us!

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January 1, 2022

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Lavenderfur

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:

Baking Soda
Aromatic Oil
Candy Corn Carrot
Skeletal Apple

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Written Art page!

Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest!
Submission by: Sarracenia

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