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Arcade Rewards Implemented!

Arcade Updates


A new Arcade game has been added: Lost Bells! (If you're familiar with the popular game 2048, you'll be right at home with this one!)

Monthly high score tables for all users have been added to all games. (No rewards are currently associated directly with being on the high score table; it's just bragging rights!) Additionally, after spending time monitoring sent scores for each of the games, we have implemented currency rewards! You can now earn Loonoles (up to 60 per day total) by playing the arcade games. At the moment, the currency to score ratio for each of the games is as follows:

Ghost Collector: 50 points : 1 Loonole
Star Flyte: 50 points : 1 Loonole
Lost Bells: 1000 points : 1 Loonole

So for example, submitting a score of 162 in Ghost Collector would earn 3 Loonoles, up to the cap of 60 Loonoles. If submitting a score would bring your total amount for the day over 60, you will only receive the amount that brings your total to 60 and the extra will be lost. (But you are free to continue submitting scores for the high score tables and playing the games past that point, if you'd like!)

We will continue to monitor the games and may make adjustments to the score to Loonole ratios as time progresses, based on time taken to earn the maximum, as well as user feedback, etc.

Other Updates

As always, other smaller updates have been implemented across the site. Of note, you may now use your Lythians' alternate forms for their framed images!

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Winter Design Gacha Posted!

Winter Design Gacha


The Winter Design Gacha has been posted! You can view the listing and make claims here!

Secret Santa Update

Secret Santa pieces can now be submitted for approval in ARPG Submit, using the "Secret Santa" activity! (You are also free to wait until later in the month to submit. The deadline for completion is not until December 31!)

Event Reminders

Don't forget to continue collecting your Advent Calendar prizes each day and get those event prompts submitted! There's still plenty of time left to participate!

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December 1, 2020

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Sadincae

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Cracked Bone
Spell Tag
Spira Shell
Piece of Bark

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Visual Art page!

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Secret Santa Update & Free Gift

Secret Santa

Secret Santa assignments have been sent out! If there are any issues with your assignment, please contact us as early as possible. You can review your assignment by clicking here, but the link will also be added to a hub in the navigation at the beginning of December!

Free Gift

You may want to visit the User List page on November 30th between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 Eastern Time for a surprise...

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MYO Sale, Patreon Info, and Gallery Updates!

Special MYO Buy-One-Get-One Gift Sale!

We are holding a special Make Your Own (MYO) ticket sale! If you buy an MYO ticket item during this event, you can also choose a friend to receive the same type of ticket for free! You cannot redeem the free ticket for yourself; it must be a gift for someone else. (But the first ticket can be your own.) Tickets MUST be purchased via this Google form to take advantage of the BOGO gift sale (but you CAN use your gems in the form!).

- When you purchase an MYO ticket via this form, you may also select another Lythbound user to receive the same type of ticket (you will receive the first ticket).
- You can choose to gift both tickets, but may not keep more than one of the tickets from the purchase.
- You may, however, submit this form multiple times to buy multiple tickets for yourself/others.
- You can split payment between gems and USD. (Gems are equal to USD at a 1USD:100gems ratio)

If any of your payment is in gems, they will be removed from your account by Jackalune. If any of your payment is in USD, it will be invoiced to you via PayPal by Jackalune.
The items will be granted to you and your friend's accounts when all forms of payment have been received.

When you are ready to submit your MYO ticket, you may do so via this form.

MYO ticket items allow you to make your own designs for a new Lythian or companion. MYO Playable Species Tickets can make any basic/non-asterisk'd subspecies/body type adult (or baby) playable species Lythian except for Crossbreeds, while MYO Companion Tickets can make any companion species!

SALE ENDS: December 9th @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time

December Patreon Bonus

Patreon supporters who join the Patreon before December 1st will have the opportunity to receive bonus gems from visiting the upcoming Advent Calendar in December, in addition to their usual rewards.

The Advent Calendar will be open for 25 days starting December 1st and Patreon supporters will receive gems each day they visit, based on their tier (regular monthly gems will also be sent out at the beginning of the month)!
- $2 tier - 8 gems per visit
- $5 tier - 20 gems per visit
- $10 tier - 40 gems per visit

This means you have the potential to get up to 200/500/1000 bonus gems in December, depending on your support tier, and assuming you visit the Advent Calendar every day!


Additional Updates

- Gift art related galleries have had some visual clean up.

- All Lythians have 2 new galleries on their profiles:
Masterlist Images is a gallery that only the owner can see, and displays all of the Lythian's approved masterlist images (you can also now select any of these to be used in the framed image as well!). Support for swapping between fullsize images on profiles, and completely removing old/unwanted masterlist images is forthcoming.
The submissions gallery is also available and archives all approved ARPG submissions your Lythian has been featured in. These are hidden to the public by default but you can choose to make them visible to logged in users by clicking the image and then "Toggle Visibility". Offsite link submissions cannot be toggled at this time.

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