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ARPG Submission Overhaul and More!

New ARPG Submission Formatting

We have completely revamped the ARPG submission page with an all new format! This new format will now allow you to readily add titles, descriptions, and tags to your pieces right as you upload them, instead of after approval! Furthermore, this new system has some very important backend changes that will make it much easier to implement certain features reliant on art in the future.

Please note: the URL associated with the ARPG submission form has been updated as well. As of now, the old URL will redirect to the new page, but we recommend updating bookmarks to the new URL as needed.

Additionally, alongside some backend changes, the following updates to Realm Familiarity and Origin Story quests have been implemented:
- Realm Familiarity quests may now have background characters tagged on submission. The Lythian listed in the first tagged slot will be the one who receives quest completion credit.
- Origin Story quests may now only be completed for one character at a time. As with Realm Familiarity quests, background characters can still be featured and tagged on submission. The Lythian listed in the first tagged slot will be the one who receives quest completion credit.

Finally, you are now able to tag companions and NPCs in your pieces, now making it all the easier to keep track of who is in your art! Companions and NPCs cannot earn things like badges or experience, but the ability to tag them pairs with the next following change.

Art Galleries for Companions and NPCs

Companions and NPCs now have their own on-site index galleries! When tagged in a piece, it will now show up on their pages, much like on a Lythian's index entry. You may also go back and tag previously submitted pieces with NPCs and companions!

Note: NPCs will always visibly display all submissions they are tagged in, regardless of other visibility settings.

Removal of "Commissioner/Artist Cut"

Due to a multitude of factors, such as the updated implementation of realm familiarity experience and attempts to streamline manual tasks, we have decided to remove the Commissioner/Artist cut previously applied to commissioned works. Going forward, all art will solely give currency to the person who submits the piece! This additionally means that experience will always be in full to the featured Lythian(s).

Moving forward, distribution of currency earned by submissions should be discussed between users involved in the commission exchange, and we will not be intervening unless given proof of an individual not carrying through with deals (ie, promising Loonoles from a piece but not following through on it, which would be considered scamming).

Lost Bells Prize Expansion


The plushie and frame tier prizes (Bell Plushie and Arcade Frame) have been added to Lost Bells. Additionally, the score requirement for the Chime Fish Sticker prize has been slightly lowered to accomodate the new prize tiers.

There is no version update associated with this; Lost Bells v. remains current.

Spring Events

Our next event is scheduled for March this year. Some recurring event features that happen February, such as Cupid's Helpers, are also scheduled to happen alongside the March event, and will not be ocurring in February. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy February's upcoming updates!

Known Issues

There is a known issue after this update wherein some pages of the art gallery load exceptionally slowly. This is our top priority to fix as quickly as possible.
 - UPDATE: This should be noticeably improved.

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January 1, 2023

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...

Étoile - 3065

Owned by: chickendraqon

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Rose Petal
Old Coin
Empty Jar
Spira Shell

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Written Art page!

Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest!
Submission by: Kaosheen

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Important Secret Santa Update


Important update for all Secret Santa participants!

Today, we discovered a bug regarding the way that Secret Santa recipient wishlists display on your Secret Santa entry page. This bug has now been fixed. However, this means that the wishlist for your recipient may have changed. Please check the Secret Santa page for the correct version of your recipient's wishlist. For clarity, this was a display issue which only affected the gift sender wherein some senders saw an outdated version of their recipient's wishlist.

This bug did not affect all wishlists; the wishlist you see may or may not have changed as of this news post and we urge everyone to double check their recipient's wishlist before continuing to work on their submissions. The wishlist that is now visible on the Secret Santa page is correct and up-to-date.

As part of our efforts to compensate for this bug, the following steps are being taken:

The Secret Santa deadline has been extended to January 25th for all entrants (regardless of if you were affected by the bug or not).
All Secret Santa participants who submit a work by January 25th will receive 2 Lumiheim Gift items, in addition to the currency value of their submission(s).

If you have begun but not submitted a submission prior to this announcement and that submission no longer follows your recipient's wishlist, we request the following actions:
- Please submit the started piece as-is to the "Secret Santa - Compensation" quest. For your efforts, you will receive the Loonoles (or Gift Tokens) that the piece is currently worth.
- If possible, please then create a piece that follows your recipient's up-to-date wishlist.
- If you cannot do both of the above for any reason, please contact us via Support Ticket as soon as possible. You will not be penalized for issues which arise related to this bug, however we want to make arrangements as early as possible for each recipient to receive a piece that matches their wishlist.
- You may also adjust your existing work to follow the recipient's wishlist, in lieue of taking the above steps. This is also acceptable, however please contact us for compensation for large adjustments and extra work done to submissions.

If you have already submitted a submission prior to this announcement and that submission no longer follows your recipient's wishlist, we will take the following actions:
- We will soon contact both the recipient and the sender via Support Ticket to request further information and establish further steps and compensation for both individuals.
- Submitters will not be penalized for issues which arise related to this bug.

If you have already submitted a submission prior to this announcement and that submission still follows your recipient's wishlist, no further action is needed. Thank you for participating!
- Additionally, if you are currently working on a submission and that submission still follows their wishlist, please continue as normal!

Thank you so much for your understanding and we sincerely apologize for this bug. Please contact us if you have any questions about the above information or require further information regarding the status of your submission.

Compensation for Realm Quests submitted prior to November 26th, 2022

When Realm Familiarity was expanded on November 26th, 2022, currency values for quests submitted prior to that date were not retroactively awarded as EXP. (Familiarity levels were already compensated for on feature release, but not the bonus currency associated with these submissions.)

As of today, we have issued compensation experience to all Lythians which participated in Realm Familiarity or other Realm Quests prior to that date (and had a key for the realm in question prior to the quest submission), totaling the currency value (times ten) of all pieces in which they were depicted.

This compensation experience will appear in your experience logs. Please contact us if you believe the awarded experience to be incorrect!

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The Kikitsu's Rivalry, and Something Monstrous Approaches!

New Kikitsu Build and Variant!

Recent discoveries have shown that there are two new kinds of Kikitsu making the rounds, both with very polarizing beliefs!

First is the Maruisha Kikitsu! These jovial tricksters see life in a much more carefree lens with pranks less on the minor scale, such as only temporarily turning seeds into gold. As a result of their playful annoyances, they often hold a firm rivalry with standard Kikitsu. Due to being a build, Maruisha Kikitsu are free to make with a new character slot! Alternatively, you may use a Scissors of Redesign to change an existing Kikitsu into one.
CONTENT WARNING: Example image has red-colored liquid that may resemble blood.

Secondly, rather unfestively, are the Monster Kikitsu! It seems they've made their appearance despite the Haunted Faire no longer being open for the year. Nasty and disease-ridden, these plaguebearers have rather unfortunate ties to Kikitsu who have ventured for far too long in polluted areas. Their floral items have rotted, and they constantly exude a thick vapor that can cause any healthy Lythian to come down with a fever. As a variant, Monster Kikitsu can be created from a new character slot or by redesigning existing Kikitsu using a Moonsbane Potion!

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Lumiheim Guest Advent Sales!

Lumiheim Guest Advent

A selection of Lumiheim themed Lythians have arrived! These guest and resident artist-designed Lythians will be made available on the day shown on top of their silhouette.

December 13th through December 29th - Designs will be posted according to the number shown in the preview, at 17:00:00 site time. They will be available for varied sale methods on their own listings. (Some days may contain a bonus companion design!)

December 13 - Jarre (SPECIAL: Will be posted as a free raffle!)
December 14 - solar-prince
December 15 - MinkasReverie
December 16 - CakeBird
December 17 - CrestedJay
December 18 - Tamashi
December 19 - Ghosttown1195 (SPECIAL: Includes a bonus free raffle!)
December 20 - RoyalChimera
December 21 - cristais
December 22 - Lechet
December 23 - Sunglassesarlo
December 24 - Breebee (& Kaosheen)
December 25 - Kaosheen (& Breebee)
December 26 - Mock_Orange
December 27 - Nekoehh
December 28 - CosmicEternity
December 29 - benightedswallow

All Lythians will additionally come with bonus Lumiheim-themed frames!

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