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Loonole Slot Trading & Terminology Update

With our latest poll wrapping up, we have implemented two big changes!

Firstly, we have removed all mentions of the term "MYO" from the site. Because we do not restrict individuals from making character designs outside the game, and slots have always only been used to add a new character to the game itself, we feel that this terminology fits better.

To fit the items' new theme, the character slot items' art have been updated to be realm doors, rather than tickets.


Additionally, any remaining "MYO Slot" index entries (Symphonies and Lilipeeps) that have "MYO" in their placeholder art are in the process of being updated to new placeholder art to better fit this change. These character slots are still usable to create new characters in-game with the same specifications as before; this is just a visual update for consistency.

If you find any stray usage of the term "MYO", please let us know!

Secondly, Loonole character slot items are now tradable! This will allow you to transfer slots gained from event prompts or Truffle's to other users. This also means that "Starter Lythian Slots" have been added, which still can not be traded. Tutorial slots in inventories that were earned prior to this update have been changed to this new Starter Slot item.


Going forward, the tutorial will reward Starter Lythian Slots, and these will be obtainable in the future via other methods geared at learning the game/site as well.

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New Axomaurs, Price Changes, Poll Reminder

Mountains and Mounds

A new subspecies and body type of Axomaur have been discovered! High up in snowy, mountainous terrains, the Alpine Axomaur thrives. This newly discovered subspecies has adapted to grow fur in place of spines, as well as durable, rock-like skin. It is non-asterisk'd, so MYOs can be freely made using this subspecies! Due to this, redesigning an existing Axomaur into this subspecies will only require a Scissors of Redesign.
Additionally, there have been sightings of smaller Axomaurs, known as Teacup Axomaurs, who have evolved to have even smaller bodies than their standard counterparts. This body type is asterisk'd, and will require a Scissors of Redesign when making MYOs.
You can view their guidelines on the Axomaur Species page!

Some users may have Axomaurs that suit these new guidelines, but they will not be forced to change their Axomaur to the new body type/subspecies if they don't want to! Users with suitable Axomaurs will be sent an Official Ticket from staff and given the option to change their Axomaur to the new Subspecies/Body Type or not. Refusal will not have any drawbacks and your Axomaur will be considered "grandfathered" into their current subspecies!

Price Adjustments Ahead!

We have begun adjusting the prices for several items in our NPC shops, including the Enigmatic Realm Key, reputation-related Stickers, and a couple of redesign Items. We hope these prices seem more fair for our players, and we will be watching over purchases for further input!

Additionally, we want to begin testing the waters for NPC shop stock rotation, which has been officially implemented for the Completely Edible Food Stand. Going forward, this shop's stock will change every 24 hours at 12:00:00, site time, and not all of the shop's items will be available at any given time. As an adjustment alongside this change, food items in Entai's shop have had their prices reduced across the board.
In the future, this new system may apply to more shops (Truffle's Treasure Trove, the Gem Shop, the Staff Cafe, and the Referral Shop are not planned to receive this update)!

Poll Reminder

We have a poll currently going on regarding Tradability of Loonole Tickets! We would like to hear your opinion on these changes, as well as the potential implementation of a new kind of Ticket.

New Profile Setting

A new profile setting has been added, allowing you to receive a notification any time a member of staff posts a changelog. Staff create changelogs for small updates that happen between news posts. This notification is off by default.

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Staff Café & Layout Adjusting!

Staff Café

Need a good ol' cup of coffee to wake up in the morning? Now you can! The Staff Café is a new area where you can pass a tip to one of our wonderful baristas, in exchange for various treats! Take a seat and indulge in some snacks while you're comfortable.


NPC Layout Upgrade

The NPC hub has been reworked, becoming more consistent and fine-tuned! This additionally includes an overhaul of their individual pages that replicates the same look as the index entries. This basis will serve to provide good groundwork for future features regarding NPCs.

Item Catalog Tidying & Crafting Search

The item catalog has been slightly adjusted with a sleeker look! Additionally, the crafting menu has also adopted a similar appearance, as well as now having a search menu for looking up desired recipes.

Referral Shop Eggs

Companion Realm Eggs have been added to the Referral Shop's stock! You can purchase these for 2 points under the MYO tab.


Keep an eye out...

We don't mean to cause an alarm, but there have been recent reports of certain things feeling a little off. If any of you notice anything that seems particularly off or suspicious, stay alert! Interdimensional travel has its perks, but it's important to check you didn't bring anyone... or anything... with you on your way back.

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July 1, 2022

Featured Lythian

This month's Featured Lythian is...


Owned by: Astral-Choconet

Gifting Gacha Increased Rates

Items with increased rates in this month's Gifting Gacha are:
Thin Petals
Yellow Diamond
Shiny Beetle
Glue Stick

New Monthly Contest

A new monthly contest has begun. You can read more on the Monthly Contest: Written Art page!

Congratulations to the winner of last month's Monthly Contest!
Submission by: raichu

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MYOs, Settings, and Nitpickies

Loonole Ticket Adjustments

The results are in! With some adjustments mentioned in our previous news such as a new daily arcade cap, removal of the weekly free play limit, new daily forum cap -- and after the results of our latest poll -- we have officially decided to update how Loonole tickets work! MYO Ticket stock in Truffle’s Treasure Trove will now be unlimited! Going forward, Lythian tickets will be 1800 Loonoles, while Companion tickets will be 1000 Loonoles. Additionally, during certain times of the year when they’re stocked, Crossbreed Baby Tickets will be 1500 Loonoles.
This change may not be permanent; we will be monitoring these prices, and may either increase or decrease them as time goes on and we add more activities and games.

Strange Magic Rocks

New loot has dropped in the Gifting Gacha! Lesser Realm Fragments are the companion counterpart to the crystalline pieces known as Greater Realm fragments. They’re slightly less rare, but are still in the Epic pool!

Account Settings Overhaul

The Account Settings page has had a glow-up! In this settings page, you’ll find both familiar and new pages to adjust your experience as needed. This includes a new Social Media Links page, where you can now add up to 10 custom site links to your profile! However, you’ll need to re-enter all previous social media links to accommodate this new system. To additionally accommodate for making DeviantART have less of a mandatory presence, the User List now lists your Pronouns instead of your DeviantART handle, it also will no longer show up on your profile unless you use a custom site link slot. Validating your DeviantART is now purely for ease of species merges!

Offsite NPC Profiles

NPCs now have Profiles, as well as links to them on their respective pages! You’re now free to tag NPCs in art you upload to We will occasionally log in on the official Lythbound account to accept these tags!

New Nitpickies Sighted in Áthlima!

Within the realm of Áthlima, a new variant of Nitpickies have been discovered! It seems the Nitpickies that live here have evolved to be more athletic, and especially good at traversing long distances. This new body type is called Trekker, and will be freely available for people to create or redesign already existing Nitpickies into! Additionally, this means that Baby Nitpickies are now available to make with Áthlima Lythian Eggs! Guidelines for this body type can be found on the Nitpicki species guide.

Additionally, Arborea Eggs now allow for the creation of baby Kuniklovs, Naeyouk Eggs now allow for the creation of baby Nimblix, and Lost Eggs now allow for the creation of baby Natbaktera.


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