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Haunted Faire Extension and Lythian Marketplace

The Haunted Faire banner

The mysterious magics surrounding the Lost Realm seem weak still, in spite of the rapidly-approaching end of October. The Ringleader informs all visitors that she expects the Lost Realm will continue to be available to the general public for an extra week!

The following Haunted Faire festivities are being extended for one week, until November 7th, 2020 @ 23:59:59!

- Realm prompts and availability
- Drawtober prompts
- Apple Bobbing
- Free raffle entries (this means the raffle will not be rolled until November 8th)

However, the Costume Contest and Eidolon Hunt will close as expected at the end of October 31, 2020.

Lythian Marketplace

We have implemented a dedicated page to list the Lythian designs currently available for purchase or offers.

Unowned designs created by staff and guest artists will be listed here, as well as designs listed by members who are seeking to rehome their characters.

We will be aiming to adjust guest artist/staff premade design sales to occur on-site via these listings. Sales options such as auctions can be posted per-listing, and all comments on the listings will alert the seller. As always, guest artists and staff will be fully allowed to advertise their designs where they would like, but this will hopefully help centralize sales and keep them available to all members.

Moving forward, new auctions will always be held on-site on the relevant character listing.

Member sales listings operate similarly: comments on a listing will notify the seller, and there are various options available when listing a Lythian for sale/trade.

To list one of your Lythians for sale, visit their profile and click the "List Lythian for Sale/Trade" button. Lythians that aren't allowed to be sold won't see the "sales" section, but can still be listed for trade. FPCs cannot be listed at all, as they cannot be transferred.

Once a sale or trade has been agreed upon, it is still up to the seller/purchaser to arrange an exchange of the currency/items/characters/etc and transfer the Lythian. Upon transfer, a Lythian's marketplace listing will automatically be removed, so you don't need to remember to delist them.

Companion marketplace listings are not yet available, but are in the works.


You have until November 8 at 23:59:59 Eastern Time to submit designed versions of FPCs. Any that are not designed (still showing the NPC, non-customized version of the art) will be removed after this point. Please refer to this news post for full information.

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Lythbound Domain Change Complete!

Lythbound logo
Lythbound is here!

Realm of Lyth has officially transferred our domain/URL over to Lythbound! All links should be redirecting to the new URLs. We recommend updating your links to use, but we will be maintaining the redirect for the foreseeable future so that existing links, etc. won't break for now.

We are also in the process of updating our social media information and making our brand consistent across all networks — we will continue this process through the coming week.

Thank you all for your patience and support! We are excited about our snappy new URL and brand and look forward to continuing development with this name! As always please report any errors via Discord or by contacting us!

Other Updates

Comment replies and likes have been added to profile comments. Simply click the "Reply" link on a comment to display a reply box, or click the heart to like a comment. Replies have not yet been added to comments in other areas of the site (news or blog posts), but will be once we have confirmed that any bugs have been discovered and ironed out.

A new interactive size chart has been added, allowing for size comparison between all species and/or specific species. This is linked from individual species anatomy pages, as well as the relevant FAQ question.

Small improvements have been made to Lythian profiles to better display their information, including displaying their full collection of unlocked frames, hiding the Biography panel if no text has been added, and allowing the owner to view who has liked the Lythian.

Other minor updates, improvements, and bug fixes have been added across the site.

Haunted Faire

Don't forget that entries to the Costume Contest will close later today, October 23, 2020, 23:59:59! Get those entries in!

Have you been finding the Eidolons hidden around the site each day?

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[Important] Rebranding News!

Lythbound logo
Realm of Lyth is rebranding!

Realm of Lyth is rebranding to Lythbound! You may have noticed that much of our social media presence has used the "Lythbound" name and we are now preparing to change the entirety of the game to this new branding!

Our updated logo is displayed at the top of this news post and we will be updating our URL to "" in the coming days. This url is not yet live at the time of posting this news. When it is live later this week, pages will automatically redirect to the equivalent urls. Please do not be alarmed by this redirect as it will be intentional!

We will also be updating other references of "Realm of Lyth" as the name of the game to "Lythbound" later this week.

The in-game locations are still realms set in the world of Lyth (collectively, "the realms of Lyth") — with this change we are merely updating the branding of the game's name, not changing the lore or location names.

Layout Updates

With this update, we have changed the colors of the default layout to match our updated brand colors! If you prefer the old default, you can change the layout you're using via this page while logged in.

We have also made some other updates to all layouts which may require a hard refresh of your browser (ctrl+F5 or fn+F5) to fully see. Please report any errors via Discord or by contacting us!

Other Updates

The Item Catalog is now available to view! This resource lists all available items, with their flavor text and brief information on where the item originates and where to use it. Some items also contain further information, such as craftable items displaying their recipes — if you have them unlocked.

Haunted Faire

If you find yourself with too many Faire Tickets and nothing to spend them on, the Ringleader will now convert them to Loonoles in her shop. Please do so with care as this cannot be undone — Loonoles cannot be turned back into Faire Tickets.

And finally, don't forget that entries to the Costume Contest will close October 23, 2020, 23:59:59! Get those entries in!

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Eidolons and Updates!

The Haunted Faire event announcement banner

Some extra adventurous eidolons have started roaming well outside of their typical borders...

The mysterious last Haunted Faire activity has been revealed! The Eidolon Hunt will begin on October 18th! Ink has noticed some eidolons are not where they should be and has requested your help!

Check out this page for full information on how to participate in the hunt!

Additionally, don't forget that the contest portion of the event will be closed for entries after the 23rd of October, as voting will take place during the last week! If you are planning to enter, be sure to submit soon!

Blog and Reporting Updates

Blogs have received a bit of an update! You can now set your blog posts to allow or disallow comments, and others can come and leave comments on those posts. (All existing blogs have comments turned off by default but you can go back and turn them on via the post editor.)

Additionally, you may notice a flag icon on blog posts, comments, profiles, and other locations. We have implemented this as a method of quickly reporting any inappropriate content you may come across. By clicking this button, a report will be submitted to moderation staff, where we can review the content.

Other Updates

You can now toggle your inventory to be publicly visible. This option is available in your profile settings under Personal -> Account Settings -> Edit Profile. Making your inventory public will allow you to link to it via and others will be able to see your items and currency (but not interact with them in any way). All inventories are private by default and cannot be viewed in this way unless you opt in to the public option.

We are continuing to make other various information and content updates for clarity and usability where possible. Additionally, two large informational databases are in the works to help clarify and provide information regarding items and NPCs.



Pompip companion information has been posted! These little critters arrived with Nudinyms but have not had thorough information provided until recently. If you own a Pompip from prior to the merge of Nudinyms into Lyth, please contact us with proof of ownership and we can upload them to the companions masterlist for you!

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[EVENT] Free Raffle & Updates!

The Haunted Faire raffle banner

The Haunted Faire is holding a free raffle with a selection of wonderful prizes! To gain entries to the raffle, you must advertise Lyth and/or the Haunted Faire event on various social media websites.

You may gain up to 4 entries for the raffle by advertising in various places! To report your entries to us, please us this Google Form, and view all raffle guidelines on this page.

Prizes include an Onini, a full set of Eidolons, and a set of the Halloween-themed frames!

Arcade Updates

1.png 2.png

The Arcade has been refreshed and the Ghost Collector game has been updated! Additionally, a new game has been added: Star Flyte!

Both games have also had high score tables added and will record your scores moving forward. (Scores are automatically sent at the end of the game.) We intend to monitor sent scores with the intention of implementing further currency/rewards for Arcade games in the future.

Lythian Likes

We have added the ability to "like" Lythians whose designs you enjoy via the Lythian's profile. You can then view your Liked Lythians via this page. All likes are anonymous, though Lythian profiles currently display the total number they have received. We will consider how to develop this feature as we move forward, based on its usage/suggestions.

Other Updates


The Lost Realm Key has been added to the Haunted Faire Stall for 50 Faire Tickets. This item can be used to unlock The Lost Realm on any one Lythian that does not yet have it unlocked.


FORMula Plus has been added to Truffle's Treasure Trove for 300 Loonoles. This mysterious concoction can be used alongside an art update to add a new form to the Lythian. This form can be any basic (non-asterisked) subspecies or common body type species.

Customizable Pet information has been added to the species information pages.

Other general updates such as continuing to update terminology around the site and adding keyword search to the FAQ.


You have until November 8 at 23:59:59 Eastern Time to submit designed versions of FPCs. Any that are not designed (still showing the NPC, non-customized version of the art) will be removed after this point. Please refer to this news post for full information.

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