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Companion Playtime!

Companion Interactions

You can now interact with your (and others') companions, via their profile page! You can interact once-per-day-per-companion, and any of your companions that you interact with have a chance to bring you a small prize as thanks for playing with them.

Interacting with companions owned by other users grants them interaction experience but will never award you with a prize.

Additionally, eggs cannot be interacted with — but once they've been hatched (designed and submitted), you can start playing with them right away.

Don't have any companions yet? Get capturing!

Other Quality of Life Additions/Changes

- Recent forum posts by an individual user are now visible via a link on any of their posts. Additionally, some forum post information is now condensed on mobile to facilitate easier viewing. (May require a hard refresh [Ctrl+F5] to be fully visible.)

- Player profiles have had some information added/moved, and now include quick links to their submitted art, as well as Arcade high scores.

- Pagination has been added to sticker albums and Lythians with many owned pets.

- Keyboard controls (left/right arrow to scroll through enlarged images) have been added to the art gallery and Lythian profile galleries.

August 05, 2021 18:00:05

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