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Sticker Album!



Stickers have arrived! Stickers are a new category of item that can be stuck to you or your friends' Sticker Albums.

The only way to add stickers to your album is for others to add them or to utilize Faelyn's sticker service. To add a sticker to someone else's album, the sticker item must be in your inventory. From the options menu, you can select a user to add the sticker to their album. Once in your album, you can sort them to be displayed in whatever order you would like.

Stickers can be found in Faelyn's new Sticker Shop, as prizes from Arcade games for high enough scores, and as special reputation items with other shop NPCs when you have purchased enough of their stock. More stickers will be added in the coming days as well!

Other Updates

- Entries for this month's Monthly Contest will end soon, at January 22, 2021, 23:59:59, after which point voting will begin!

- A calendar has been added to help detail end dates for events, as well as show when past news/events ran. This can be accessed from the front page or the Information Hub.

- Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Valentine's design event! We will be contacting artists via Discord soon!

January 21, 2021 18:28:53

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