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Emoji Contest Results!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a design to the Discord Emoji Contest!
Every entry was wonderful and we are excited to display the winners in our Discord server!

✦ Entries

The following entries will be used in our Discord server! Each entrant will receive one Ingredient Loot Box per emoji used (please read to the bottom for information on how to trade your loot box for Loonoles if you prefer), and all participants will receive the Emojify achievement for submitting entries!

Entries are listed in alphabetical order, as there is no traditional placement for this contest:

All of the above emojis have been added to the server!
The boxes and achievements will be sent out soon.
However, if you would rather have the 50 loonoles per emoji instead of the ingredient loot box, please message Jackalune requesting the Loonoles and the boxes will be removed and replaced with the currency!
(Please do this before opening the loot box or we will not be able to replace them with Loonoles.)


Thank you again for all of the wonderful submissions!

April 20, 2020 18:13:53

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