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New Frames and a Raffle!

New Frames


Calling all cowpokes and... Buzi... wait.
Two new frames are available for use! Find the Wild West Frame for 400 Loonoles over in Tessa's shop, and the Buzi Frame from any realm's general realm quests (not a guaranteed drop)!

Free Raffle!


We are running a free raffle for CH77 (designed by solar-prince and sponsored by Nekoehh) until September 6, 2022 @ 23:59:59! Be sure to enter on the raffles page!

Miscellaneous Updates

- NPCs will now generate and donate items much more frequently to the Shrine of Virtue, however maximum daily claims have been reduced to 3 per person.
- Arcade games now indicate their score:Loonole ratio underneath their instructions, as well as the minimum necessary score to be submitted to the high score table.
- Various bug fixes.

September 01, 2022 18:31:01

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