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Wolfren ID# 3665

Profile: ID# 3665
Species: Wolfren

Trades: OTA! || ✓Loonoles, Gems, Art, Other designs, Items || ✘IRL Items/Money

Seller: Breebee
Listing Posted: January 25, 2023 15:00:03
Contact Notes:
This wolf is going to the moon!🐺🌙 | Offer below!

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AcuteExposure @ January 25, 2023 15:08:22

I can offer 1,000 loonoles, 1,900 gems, and any additional items from my inventory!

AcuteExposure @ January 28, 2023 23:10:07

Update - can up loonoles to 1,500!

Breebee @ February 01, 2023 23:42:16

Just wanted you to know that I went with a different offer,
thank you for your interest however!

This comment has been deleted.

fishainsley @ January 25, 2023 15:05:20 FEATURED

What a cutie! I'll offer 3000 loonoles and anything from my inventory :3

fishainsley @ January 25, 2023 15:08:16

I can also do gems if you prefer. or add something from the referral shop

Breebee @ February 01, 2023 10:10:41

Hello! After much debate,
I decided I'd like to accept your offer if you're still offering.

fishainsley @ February 01, 2023 15:55:35

Yeah I'm still offering! Just to check, did you want loons or gems?

Breebee @ February 01, 2023 18:33:57

Loonoles if you would please.

fishainsley @ February 01, 2023 21:57:13

gotcha! should be sent :3c

Ghosttown1195 @ January 25, 2023 15:03:43

*empties out my wallet and my gems and loons fall to the ground
1706 gems and 656 loonoles

Breebee @ February 01, 2023 23:42:54

Just wanted to inform you that I decided on another offer,
thank you for your interest though!

KandiWorm @ January 25, 2023 15:02:15

I can offer 2 shaded fulls!! Examples here:

Breebee @ January 25, 2023 23:32:22

Unfortunately, I am unable to see your examples.

KandiWorm @ January 25, 2023 23:37:57

My acc is log in only on th so idk what’s going on w that 😭. Can I dm you on discord w examples? Sorry to make you jump through hoops!

Breebee @ January 25, 2023 23:49:16

That explains it then.
You can DM me or you can link to a different list of examples.

KandiWorm @ January 26, 2023 00:05:24

I'll just link my Instagram acc to make it easier! Bc idk how finicky toyhouse is gonna get

Breebee @ February 01, 2023 23:41:45

Just wanted you to know that I went for another offer,
thank you for your interest though!