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Kella Ser ID# 3632

Profile: ID# 3632
Species: Kella Ser

Trades: Lythian trades. Love her but looking for an OC more my style :)

Seller: jelly
Listing Posted: January 14, 2023 02:15:38
Contact Notes:
Comment here or archen#6726

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mossyflowerkitty @ January 18, 2023 23:17:49

Would you be interested in this onini?

LilMissLillie @ January 16, 2023 22:55:01

Hey ya, I know your looking to trade, but if you’re interested I’d love to do a (or multiple) art pieces for them!
If you’d prefer loons instead, I can currently offer 500, but be willing to work up to a designated amount!,

LilMissLillie @ January 22, 2023 19:31:09

Editing to add that I have these 2 Lyths for sell/trade up!

SunglassesArlo @ January 14, 2023 03:43:55

do this kid or this kid strike your fancy perchance?