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Kikitsu ID# 3546

Profile: ID# 3546
Species: Kikitsu

Trades: OTA! || ✓Loonoles, Gems, Art, Other designs, Items, $Vouchers || ✘IRL Items Min offer for... || 1500 loonoles/gems | $15 for vouchers

Seller: Breebee
Listing Posted: December 30, 2022 17:00:08
Contact Notes:
Vixen, a little charmer! Wait- where did my cookies go?? || Comment below with offers!

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that one kid @ December 31, 2022 13:59:53 FEATURED

I am once again coming for your baby Kikitsu designs *hand reaching towards you emoji-*
Can offer 3 fullbodies and a Lyaric slot for this child.

Breebee @ January 02, 2023 09:03:28

Hello! I'd like to accept your offer,
what are you okay to draw?
(Feel free to DM if you'd prefer)