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Veela ID# 3540

Profile: ID# 3540
Species: Veela

Trades: In order of priority: USD > Loonoles/Gems > Lyth items/Customs/Character Slots > Art. Minimum offer $30 USD/3,000 Loonoles/Gems.

Seller: benightedswallow
Listing Posted: December 29, 2022 17:00:03
Contact Notes:
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ethanol @ January 04, 2023 01:44:33

I can offer $30 USD

benightedswallow @ February 05, 2023 20:17:47

I completely forgot about this comment, my apologies.
I'll wait until I get more offers on this, if that's alright.

ethanol @ February 06, 2023 02:19:08

Ah tbh I'd completely forgotten too - I'm no longer interested, thank you though <33