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Wolfren ID# 3193

Profile: ID# 3193
Species: Wolfren

Flat Sale: 30 USD
Trades: I prefer USD > Art > non Lyth characters

Seller: rlynbook
Listing Posted: March 12, 2023 16:29:39
Contact Notes:


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Jinx @ March 26, 2023 03:21:42

Hi hi! Would you accept 3 shaded fulls for this baby?? Here's a link to my art examples!!
And my Instagram is oops_jinxed_it for more finished pieces as I recently uploaded a lot of sketches 😭

We can discuss on discord if you accept or want to talk further! My user is Oops! Jinxed it#3992

Thanks! 💕

Jinx @ March 26, 2023 03:22:42 for Instagram*** omg sorry ^^'

rlynbook @ March 27, 2023 00:11:35

Yes I would! I will Dm you on discord