Lythian Marketplace - Event Sale!

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The designs displayed on this page are available for sale and/or trade. Please comment below following the sale guidelines to offer on a character.

❄️ Lythbound: Winter Gacha 2020 ❄️

A selection of snowglobes containing various Lythians have appeared... but the designs are left a mystery! The species and designer will be listed for each number, but the design itself remains a secret.

Designs from this gacha also come with 2 holiday/winter frames unlocked!

December 15th @ 1pm Eastern: Designs are available for prepurchase for 40 USD. Pick a specific design number to purchase and you will receive the design. First come, first served!

December 16th @ Approx 1pm Eastern: The gacha opens! Random rolls of designs not prepurchased are 35 USD. You cannot choose a specific design; they will be randomly rolled in Discord.

December 18th: If any designs are left, they will be posted as individual listings at the pricing of the designer's choice.
Please comment below to purchase one for $35 USD. (100% of payment will be sent to the designer whose design is rolled for you.)

A trade comment will not be opened on this gacha, but we encourage you to utilize the marketplace for trades if desired!
#1 Designer: Ghosttown1195
Species: Onini

#2 Designer: UberMedic07
Species: Laguna

#3 Designer: LiiFang
Species: Nitpicki

#4 Designer: Cristais
Species: Laguna

#5 Designer: SunglassesArlo
Species: Kuniklov

#6 Designer: Ghosttown1195
Species: Nitpicki

#7 Designer: UberMedic07
Species: Laguna

#8 Designer: Cristais
Species: Onini

#9 Designer: Jackalune
Species: Wolfren

#10 Designer: Raishiteru
Species: Axomaur

Seller: Jackalune
Contact Notes:
Please follow instructions provided above to claim a design in this event. Once you make a claim, you will be contacted by the designer for payment to be collected.

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solar-prince @ December 20, 2020 01:29:45

I'd love another roll, please!

Jackalune @ December 20, 2020 13:10:11

Thank you!! I've rolled number 7 for you! Raishiteru will contact you shortly for payment!

solar-prince @ December 17, 2020 23:18:22 FEATURED

Hello! I'd like to purchase a random roll, please!

Jackalune @ December 18, 2020 11:01:13

Thank you!! I've rolled number 2 for you! UberMedic07 will contact you shortly for payment!

hydrabones @ December 15, 2020 14:55:28 FEATURED

8 please!!

cristais @ December 15, 2020 17:48:17

Hi! Thanks so much, just send me your paypal email either in messages here or on discord and I'll send over an invoice!
My discord id is: Megane#7313

Flare the Vixen @ December 15, 2020 13:04:57 FEATURED

1 please!

Ghosttown1195 @ December 15, 2020 13:12:56

Alright, could you please send me your Paypal email via Discord (Ghosttown1195#1580)