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Obtained Status: Purchased

Profile: WO14
Species: Wolfren
Seeking: 1000 Gems
Trades -
I will accept loonoles as well, 100 gems : 100 loonoles.
I will look at Trades [ customs / one-offs / redesigns / lythian slot ]
Will also look at art, please do send some examples and the amount that you're willing to do!
I am open to negotiations and haggling!
Seller: Nekoehh
Listing Posted: August 02, 2022 23:24:37
Contact Notes:
Comment below, DM me on-site or on Discord [ Nekoehh#3494 ]

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Nekoehh @ August 03, 2022 23:15:50 FEATURED

This design is on hold for an offer made on Discord!