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Axomaur ID# 1904

Profile: ID# 1904
Species: Axomaur

Trades: Looking for other characters.

Seller: Lechet
Listing Posted: July 26, 2022 13:12:46
Contact Notes:

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Artwork-Is-Key @ August 26, 2022 16:48:40

Hi! I am new so I apologize if my offer isn't accurate in any way. but I'd love to offer on this adorable bean. I have characters here that are all completely open for trading (Open to give more than one as well):
I have three characters here that I'm open to trading for this bean(Card, Felsik, and Jekyll):
And all the characters here are rated between ~S, ~A, ~B, ~C and maybe ~D ratings. I'm possibly open to trading them, except ~S and ~A. But they might be more tentative:

If you are interested, do let me know. <33

Lechet @ August 29, 2022 11:55:55

Thank you so much for the interest, but I didn't see anyone who jumped out at me!