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Profile: HA24
Species: Haenym
Seeking: 35 USD
Trades - FOR SALE: $35 or best offer (preferred over art/trades) FOR TRADE: art (preferred) or other characters (picky) Currently very much in the market for Human/Humanoid (any and all genres/styles) designs! I do use ferals/anthros as well but I am currently less in the market for new designs of those types, and will be much more picky with offers. (Feral canine (fantasy preferred) or feline (realistic) are more likely to be used/considered!) I am also in the market for some closed species designs that I will use, and am more than happy to offer multiple designs in exchange! I am in the market for Kebanzus (most wanted), Dainties, (most wanted), Griffolk/mains (wanted, but picky!), Cinnadogs/cats (picky), Waterdogs/cats (slightly picky), and Foolings/Nio cs. I might be interested in other CS I own, but these are my current "active" species that I am looking to add too. Please let me know if this is something you're offering! Artwork can be human/anthro/feral as I own designs of all types. Please specify what you're willing to draw, how much, and show me examples when offering artwork! Any offered artwork must be completed within 1 (one) month unless otherwise discussed. (Larger projects naturally amount to more time granted, fear not.) USD or artwork is currently the most preferred as I am trying to clean out my toyhouse.
Seller: Bandit
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