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Obtained Status: Purchased
- Note: If Loonoles are used to purchase the design from a guest artist/staff, the above obtained data will be changed to "Unpaid", regardless of current status listed.

Profile: KI60
Species: Kikitsu
Seeking: Trades - (In order of Most Wanted) USD, Gems, Premade Lythian, Lythian or Crossbreed MYO Slot, Customs, Art || Unshaded Version will be supplied to the buyer!
Seller: Jarre
Listing Posted: June 23, 2022 18:00:03
Contact Notes:
Comment below, Contact me via (@ Jarre), OR Contact me via Discord @ Jarre#8753! (You MUST be in the official Lythbound Discord in order to DM me, my friend requests are closed!)

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