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Djiminni ID# 413

Obtained Status: Unpaid

Profile: Djiminni ID# 413
Species: Djiminni
Seeking: Trades - Accepting any companion species of any design. I have no aversions to anything, so I'll accept most anything. I'm pretty mushy, so I'll accept loonoles, gems, lures, ingredients, or art in exchange. If anything is unlisted, shoo me a message!
Seller: Chowbs
Listing Posted: December 15, 2021 00:32:35
Contact Notes:
Mooo#8245 on Discord. Other contacts listed in profile.

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Eggdis @ July 09, 2022 07:22:49

heya, I have a melodic whistle (Skeye lure) that I'd be interested in trading for this guy

Chowbs @ July 09, 2022 16:55:55

That's great! Would you like me to send this bud to your account, or is this a gift for someone?

Eggdis @ July 09, 2022 17:00:04

they're for me :)

I'll send the whistle over shortly!