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Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift/Sell

Profile: NA25
Species: Natbaktera
Seeking: 15 USD
Seller: The Master
Contact Notes:


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Doodle @ July 29, 2021 03:48:27

idk how the sales works but i'm interested in this fella 8)

The Master @ July 29, 2021 10:05:02

If you send the $15 to (in USD, don't worry about converting it), I'll transfer them over to you on-site.

If you have a, I'd transfer them to you there too, if not, I'll pull the ref images and send them to you in a PM here, and then remove the character from for you.

Doodle @ July 29, 2021 17:01:49

sent! ^^

i do have toyhouse, it's also just Doodle!