Lythian Marketplace - NU264

The Lythian displayed on this page is available for sale and/or trade. Please comment below or contact the seller when looking to offer on a character.


Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift/Sell
- Note: If Loonoles are used to purchase the design from a guest artist/staff, the above allowance will be changed to Trade/Gift, regardless of current status listed.

Profile: NU264
Species: Nudinym
Seeking: 30 USD
Seller: cristais
Contact Notes:
If you'd like to claim feel free to comment below or message me on site! You can also message me on discord if you are in the discord group! My discord is: megane#7313

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Eloria @ June 21, 2021 23:19:29

Would you consider taking loons at any point in the future?

cristais @ June 27, 2021 21:43:46

I don't see myself ever taking loons in the future sadly, as I don't have much I want to use them on right now. But, thanks for asking!