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The Lythian displayed on this page is available for sale and/or trade. Please comment below or contact the seller when looking to offer on a character.


Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift
- Note: If Loonoles are used to purchase the design from a guest artist/staff, the above allowance will be changed to Trade/Gift, regardless of current status listed.

Profile: CB13
Species: Crossbreed
Seeking: 1200 Loonoles
45 USD
Seller: Traveler
Contact Notes:
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solar-prince @ February 22, 2021 00:12:52

I'd like to purchase them with Loonoles, please!

Traveler @ February 22, 2021 19:46:27


That's great! Once you send me the Loonoles I will give my love(less) bug to you! :D

solar-prince @ February 22, 2021 19:54:24

Sent your way!