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Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift/Sell

Profile: SY351
Species: Symphony
Seeking: 40 USD
Seller: SingingElectricity
Listing Posted: January 02, 2021 13:33:06
Contact Notes:


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CrypticWino @ October 03, 2021 16:28:35

may i claim and how may i pay you?

SingingElectricity @ October 04, 2021 17:03:50

Absolutely! Please message me where or TH and I'll get you my paypal to send the funds to :)

CrypticWino @ October 04, 2021 21:03:38

my TH is CrypicWino, and i would prefer to give my email in private i hope thats ok (this can be by TH or here)

SingingElectricity @ October 05, 2021 11:32:04

Again, you can message me either place. I'll be giving you my email to send the funds too haha