Symphony: SY999 - Barnum

Species: Kella Ser

Designer: fishainsley
Artist: fishainsley

Species: Symphony

Designer: fishainsley
Artist: ubermedic07

Species: Nitpicki

Designer: fishainsley
Artist: fishainsley

Owner: fishainsley
Designer: fishainsley
Artist: fishainsley
Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift/Sell

Current Frame: Summoning Circle 2019

You may make art of this Lythian!

Species Info
Species: Symphony
Life Stage: Adult

Bonded Song: Charmed, I'm Sure- Circus Contraption (cw)
Body Type: Tenor

Please ask before making breeding requests with this Lythian!
Taming - Level 1


His full name is Barnum Fitzpatrick. Barnum loves pranks, jokes, and harmless fun of all sorts! He has the ability to shapeshift info many other Lythian species, and he often uses them for various conveniences, be it shape, size, strength, or other attributes of the many wondrous creatures of Lyth. He also has the ability to levitate up to about 6 feet off the ground, but he can only do this in his true form.

When upset or conflicted, he may spontaneously split into three pieces, his angel, his devil, and his penumbra. His angel, of course, wants the best for everyone, even at his own expense. His devil wants vengeance and spite, acting upon thoughts that Barnum as a whole would consider intrusive and cruel. His penumbra is perhaps the most mysterious. It seems to entirely lack a moral compass, and care only about the most beneficial outcome for the self. It has no lust for blood nor worthy cause, it works simply to protect Barnum by hook or by crook.




Summoning Circle 2019


Familiarity Level: 3


Familiarity Level: 0


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