Flyte: FL7 - Hathor

Owner: Traveler
Designer: Traveler
Artist: Traveler
Trade/Sell/Gift Allowance: Trade/Gift

Current Frame: Basic

You may make art of this Lythian!

Species Info
Species: Flyte
Life Stage: Adult

Please do not submit breeding requests with this Lythian!
No skills unlocked!


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Name: Hathorrius the Infused/ Hathor

Species: Flyte 

Rarity: Common/Uncommon (often depends who you ask) 

Sex: Male

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In Short...

Hathor is a feint-hearted inventor that traverses through this unfamiliar land quietly and precisely. Despite his lack of memory about how he found himself in the lands of Lyth, he is certain about his goals and asperations, and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

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Negating his irredescent armor and his peculiar designed eyes, Hathor looked to be a very average Flyte at first glance. Upon his arrival at a small village in Ennaza however, the locals found him to be unusual. Unlike the Flyte travelers they had seen beforehand, Hathor seemed to have only one pair of arms rather than two. They had also pointed out to him that his feet were like that of Oninis, and that most if not every Flyte that visited only had mandible-shaped feet. It was indeed an out of body experience for Hathor. Not only was he ripped away from his comfort zone of staying away from any spotlight, he was truthfully being told that he was unique, which is funny considering he could still recall how unimpactful he was back home. 

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[WIP about his character/ideals]





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