Lythbound Tutorial

"Yes, I have a Lythian!"

Great, I’ll just let you know what you can do with us then!

If we’re already on the Character Index, you’ll find us attached to your profile. From there, you can edit their basic information, such as name, pronouns, and biography. You can also frame them, so they’ll have a nice little icon on the Character Index!

Furthermore, if you find that you’re not loving their artwork or design, you can update those at any time. Just look for the "Update Lythian Art/Design" button under their image. Art updates and small changes don’t require any items; larger edits may require redesign items, which you can find at Truffle’s Treasure Trove — they’re our traveling Onini merchant!

You’re also not restricted to just one Lythian.

We have many events, in-game mechanics, and items that will reward you with character slots, which you can redeem for another one of us. In fact, I’ll give you a Lythian Character Slot after you finish this tutorial, my treat!

But if you’d rather purchase a pre-made design and support our wonderful artists, you should check out the marketplace! Available designs from our official artists will be listed at the top of the page. Under them, you’ll also find Lythians that players are looking to rehome. Some of them will also accept in-game currency or other payment methods, so read carefully!

You’ll definitely learn more about Lythians as you play, but for now, let’s move onto making art!