Art Submission Guidelines - 3D Models & Crafts

3D Models and Crafts is any art which is created using a multi-dimensional medium, whether traditional craft (clay sculpture, sewn plush, etc) or digital (3D model via Blender, etc).

Depicted Size

A Standard Character has at least three distinct body segments: head, torso, and 2+ limbs.

If the species has an atypical body segment, it must reach a degree of complexity in order to count, such as a baby Siirco having a fish instead of a normal torso; whereas a baby Nudinym's shell would not count as a body segment, as it's more of a decorative piece.
All Lythians, some babies, and a few Companions fall under the Standard Character category and may be graded as a headshot, half body, or full body.

A Simple Character has two or less of these body segments. A baby Nitpicki would fall under this category, as it's only a head; its paws do not count as limbs as they are not attached to arms or legs. In addition, if two of the segments appear fused together — such as a Rulat's head also being its body — they are not distinct enough to be counted as two separate segments.
Some babies and most Companions fall under the Simple Character category, and their depicted size should be graded as Simple Character.

Simple Character
If a character does not fall under the standard character requirements, the entire character should be sculpted/crafted, and they should receive this size grading.

Examples shown above are indicative of the type of designs we consider a Simple Character, but is not an exhaustive list of species.

Standard Characters

Must include at least a sculpted/crafted head of a standard-sized character.
Half Body
Half of the body of a standard-sized character is sculpted/crafted.
Full Body
All of the body of a standard-sized character is sculpted/crafted.

* To receive the full body reward, the entire character must be visible except in the case of a complicated scene that includes a background. It is understandable that sometimes, background objects and/or perspective may require parts of the character to be obscured or cropped. However, most of the character(s) must still be visible.

Subject Completion

Model / Base
Simple or very low-poly 3D art that has not been painted/textured*†

Note: characters must be recognizable.
Intricate or high-poly 3D art that has been textured


Color and/or paint has been added
Additional effects, textures, or rendering applied to the art (such as metal, emissions, etc)

† All other categories are additional add-ons that may be depicted, but Model / Base is a required calculation for all 3D Models and Crafts submissions.

Additional Characters

Additional Characters
Multiply the current amount after making the above calculations by the applicable number of character(s) featured in the piece.


Basic Background
Colors or gradients that have been arranged into basic shapes or figures
Simple Background
Must be patterns (that you created) or simple objects (eg, pets or item props)
Distinct Background
Submission has enough definition to be a recognizable environment (eg, forest with trees); or detailed objects in at least half of the composition
Complex Background
Submission includes at least two of the three: foreground, midground, and background; and/or rendered objects in most of the composition


Simple Animation
Model has been rigged in some fashion and has simple movements (blinking, spinning, etc.)
Complex Animation
Model has been rigged in some fashion and has complex movements (bouncing, moving limbs, run cycle, etc.)*

*Complex Animation rewards are subject to review by staff, and may receive more than 10 Loonoles.