Art Submission Guidelines

Scoring visual, written, and other art will always be subjective, and the guidelines are provided to help guide both submitter and approver when rewarding art. The following is a guide for what we look for from a technical perspective when art is submitted. Submissions are never graded on "skill" and artists of all skill levels are invited to participate!

Submission guidelines which are listed as "0 currency" does not mean that a submission of that type cannot earn currency. For example, a full body 2D sketch would still receive 15 currency, despite "sketch" being listed as 0 currency. 0 currency guidelines exist for recordkeeping and informational purposes.

Character Requirements

In general: submissions for rewards must feature characters (Lythians or Companions) that are an official, existing version of that species. For example: you may not submit a work featuring an Onini that does not have a profile, but you may draw a Onini that officially exists on the masterlist. NPCs may also be submitted, and some prompts may specifically allow non-official designs to be scored.

It is permitted to make and share art of non-official Lythians or Companions, the restriction exists only for receiving rewards for that art.

Non-official Lythians may always be included and scored as a prop in the background of an image.

Artist Requirements

Personal Art

Rewards are applicable as-is for personal art.

Gift Art

Rewards listed go to the artist, not the receiver of the gift art.

Commissioned Art

Rewards listed above go to the commissioner at 75%, while the artist of the commissioned work gets 25% of the reward. Multiply the total by .75 or by .25 and round up to the nearest 5. For example, 20 Loonoles would be 15 to the commissioner and 5 to the artist.

You may turn in artwork commissioned with in-game items or currency, but designs from approved guest artists (including full customs and those received from the Gachapanions Machine) do not count as commissions; your reward is the design itself.

Collecting Your Rewards

Please submit your art (from any medium) via the ARPG Submission Form. You cannot submit the same piece of art for more than one quest — you must choose which you will receive credit/rewards for.

After completing your submission, feel free to add your art to the DeviantArt Group Gallery.