Species Name: Siircio
"The Aqua Species"

Siircio | Siircio | Siirciorder
singular — plural — collective


Siircio are an adaptive aquatic species of Lyth that can exist in both fresh and saltwater, but prefer salty waters to power their halo chargers. They are amphibious in that they can breathe the air and underwater, but have limited mobility when it comes to actually crossing the land.

Siircio are pretty harmless out of water, but can use many powers while in water. They have advantages against harsh temperatures, as they can survive in a wide range of climates. (Nimblix can also survive in a wide range of climates, but each is only attuned to their respective one.)

Overall, Siircio are one of the most well-read and well-traveled species. They are knowledgeable about a multitude of cultures and are arguably the most book-smart species. Their homes are built far underwater, but most seek adventure and will travel to faraway realms. Some cities built by Siircio will sink as tectonic shifts happen. Those abandoned cities fall into trenches and are in states of ruin, but some shady Siircio will do unspoken dealings in those depths.


✦ Body
As previously mentioned, Siircio experience more troubles on land than in water. This is because their smooth bodies dehydrate, causing them to shrink to about 60% ~ 70% of their original size! Therefore, most Siircio prefer to live near or travel to areas where bodies of water are abundant, as to keep their skin nice and moist.

✦ Core
Siircio have cores made of polished coral, pearl, or other nautical materials. They typically sit atop their head, usually centered though off-kilter placements have been seen. Rarely, a Siircio will have a core on their forehead, similar in placement to that of a Haenym.

✦ Hair
Their hair is always squishy, gooey, and/or thick. Siircio hair comes in three varieties: tendrils, sea foliage, and regular hair. Regular hair is the least common to see on a Siircio. Tendrils can include all kinds of prehensile or non-prehensile tentacles or other. Siircio hair can be styled and restyled at any time without using in-game currency or items.

✦ Ears
Siircio have webbed “ears” on the sides of their heads that can sense both sound and wave frequencies. These sensory fins come in many varieties though tend to be star-shaped or have multiple points.

✦ Eyes
Siircio eyes are bulbous with a protective "bubble" extruding around it. Siircio eyes work similarly to frog eyes in that they have more than one set of eyelids. They have a set of transparent ones — similar to the nictitating membranes of Axomaurs — that protect their eyes when exposed to the air. They also have an additional pair of regular eyelids for expression purposes (like frogs). Their eyes are most always dark with no pupils, but colors can be seen swirling within the bubble.

✦ Arms
Their arms are large wavy fins underwater, but when on land, they dehydrate and become shorter as to not weigh themselves down. The fin part varies in length and shape.

✦ Halo Chargers
On the palms of their hands are their halo chargers. They tend to be smaller than that of a Nimblithe but function the same way, generating a Siircio-specific energy known as “halo.” They gain energy just from being submerged in liquid but charge the quickest when exposed to saltwater. Halo allows a Siircio to produce and control a variety of fluids!

✦ Tail
Siircio tails begin at the end of their torso. They can have any number and arrangement of lesser fins on them and are almost always curled up as that is their resting position.

Design Guidelines

- A Siircio’s core is on the upper half of their head; their chargers are on their palms and match their core.
- Siircio bodies are naturally smooth, sometimes a bit slimy to the touch.
- Siircio can have tendrils, sea foliage, or regular hair atop their head.
- Their ears are sensory fins that come in a wide variety of styles.
- Their eyes are typically large and bulbous with no pupils.
- Siircio arms often feature some sort of fin-like protrusion but not always.
- Their tapered tails rest in a curled position, and sometimes have lesser fins on them.


Body Types

Baby Information

Baby Siircio are born with an outer shell that allows them to pass as other aquatic creatures. They are usually able to stick their heads and arms out of various orifices, depending on the camouflage. As they age, the shell may gradually peel off, revealing their actual body within; Siircio may choose to discard it, keep it, or even eat it, as it’s quite nutritious! On the other hand, some Siircio grow into these exterior casings, which meld into their skin and may result in interest body types.

Design Guidelines
- Their cores and chargers will carry over to their adult form.
- They have an outer shell that camouflages as another aquatic creature.
- Baby Siircio can stick their head and/or arms out of these shells.
- They can molt or grow into these exteriors upon adolescence.

To grow your baby Siircio, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


A writer once fell asleep near the ocean. The tide rose to slowly pull them in. The water was gentle and steady and balanced the writer afloat. They slept peacefully on the ocean’s surface until they were surrounded by a clear horizon, no land in sight.

Upon waking, the writer was calm. They could see a beautiful sunrise.They felt the breeze graze over the surface of the water. They saw flocks of birds pass over. Taking the book that laid on top of their chest into their hands, they began, or rather, continued to journal their experiences. They wanted to be able to document every occurrence with the utmost accuracy as though to not ever lose that time to memory.

A storm swept over their small section of the world but the writer remained calm and floated along the surface. They tilted over the steepened waves and embraced the harsh sweep of raindrops that pelted them. Once the storm had calmed, they made sure to jot it down in their book. The writer survived, even thrived within the middle of the ocean without a care for where they were in the past.

But thoughts of the future soon crept up on them. They’d been out at sea for days now, did anyone know? Would they find land again? Who would they meet? Could they tell them of their journeys? Where would they preserve their journal? Would the people understand their language?

Soon enough the writer began to sink. They drowned in the urgency of the present, blinded by the uncertainty of the future.

Their history would now be preserved by the depths of the ocean.

Origin Quest

Siircio, though they originate from the realm of Reenah, are an extremely well-traveled species. Many of them dedicate their lives to recordkeeping and the documentation of knowledge. Young Siircio may not have this proclivity, and though they may develop an interest in history as they grow, not all will. But visiting the realm of Reenah and seeing their structures and archives surely is a memorable event for any Siircio.

How does your Siircio feel about their recordkeeping ancestors — are they interested in continuing that path or do they have other plans for their future? If they did not grow up in Reenah, do they visit the realm and see the archives of those from the past? Please portray your Siircio using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Siircio, can any type of sea foliage be used for their hair?
Yes! Coral, kelp, sea grass, etc., are all fair game.

Does my Siircio's tail have to be curled on the masterlist entry?
No, it does not. However, the tail pictured must still be long enough that it looks like it'd be able to curl.

Can a Siircio's lower half be based on any sort of sea creature?
Yes, as long as said sea creature has a body part — eg, tail or tentacle — that can rest in a curled position. Even if the creature doesn't normally have it, you'd have to add it into the design somehow.