Species Name: Nudinym
"The Mantled Community Builders"

Nudinym | Nudinyms | —
singular — plural — collective


Nudinyms are a small intelligent species known for the mantle draped over their bodies. They're incredibly social and frequently will develop communities and strong relationships with other species, easily able to integrate themselves into almost any culture. They are adaptable and can live and travel in almost any environment. Their skin and mantle are soft and smooth, and very sensitive to environmental changes. Their mantle protrusions may store magic and chemicals to help them survive in varied environments. They're well known as traders and merchants, and have incredible scavenging skills!


✦ Body
Nudinyms are small, squishy creatures. Some variation can occur but they are on the smaller side of Lythian species. They do not have a skeletal structure, and their soft, moist skin has an almost slimy texture. Typically, they will have 2-3 sharp radula teeth, with a small round tongue. One curious skill of the Nudinym is their ability to puff up. By inhaling a lot of air, they can turn their body into an orb that’s around three times their original size.

✦ Mantle
Mantles can be cut and styled, are usually smooth, and come in many shapes and sizes (but should not exceed twice the length of the Nudinym's body). The mantle may have appendages sprouting off of it, which can appear in any number (2 or more) and size, but they will never grow to be longer than the Nudinym themself.

✦ Eyes
Nudinyms have beady eyes that can come in varied shapes and sizes. Their eyes lack a sclera — or commonly known as "eye whites" — and their pupils and irises are often the same color, giving their eyes a glassy look. However, more distinctly-colored or shaped pupils can be found on certain individuals.

✦ Limbs
Forearms are squishy and finned. They have fish-like fins which cannot ever grow to be longer than the Nudinym themself. Hind legs are typically digitigrade and won't exceed the size of the Nudinym's torso.

✦ Paws
Paw pads can be shaped and may be pad-styled or soles that cover the whole bottom of the paw. They secrete a slime from their paw pads that help keep them grounded.

Design Guidelines

- Nudinyms have soft, moist skin with an almost slimy texture.
- Their mantles come in many styles, though are always less than twice their body length.
- Their two or more mantle appendages come in a wide variety but are never longer than their body.
- However, these growths are only found on top of the mantle, never on the underside.
- Their beady eyes lack sclera and are usually a single color, but can have different pupil shapes.
- Nudinym arm fins attach at the forearm and do not exceed their body size.
- Their hindlegs are usually digitigrade and smaller than their torso.
- They can have paw pads, soles, or shaped pads that can secrete slime.
- Nudinyms can have any tail style.


Body Types

Baby Information

Baby Nudinyms are very fragile at birth. They are small, soft, and squishy with underdeveloped limbs. They can only crawl around and need supervision from their guardians to survive. They are born pure white and only gain their main color at a juvenile age. As a result of the lack of a mantle, they’re born with a shell filled with nutrients that will sustain them until they develop a small mantle. These shells are small, so babies cannot retract into them. Their guardians will often place baby Nudinyms in special boxes where they can’t crawl out and hurt themselves. As time goes by, they will develop their mantle first and secondary characteristics afterwards. By each day, their colors and patterns become differentiated from any other Nudinym to ever exist, and their mantles are fully grown.

Design Guidelines
- Baby Nudinyms typically have one "main" color, but may have other accent colors.
- They do not have mantles yet, only a small shell that they cannot retract into.
- The shell can be any shape and style, but is relatively small and most fall off upon mantle growth.

To grow your baby Nudinym, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


Passed down from parent to child are the whispered mumblings of a long-gone scientist who experimented with the creation of a creature. The creature was engineered with the desire to commune, to build, to help and create in unison with others. These creatures perfectly fulfilled their purpose, but developed beyond what the scientist ever desired — they learned on their own, developed their own personalities and thoughts, and were not merely assistants any longer.

The scientist decided to try again, and sent the creatures out into the realms. Thus were Nudinyms spread, developing their own colonies and communities, and evolving as they went.

Origin Quest

Science? Technology? Community? Nudinyms have their paws in it all. Frequently working together with other species, Nudinyms are found across many realms and locales, and are able to adapt to just about any environment. Young Nudinyms are born with this incredible adaptability and can grow up anywhere with ease.

Where is your young Nudinym’s home? How do they grow up? Are there others around them that they interact with as they grow, or are they left to find their way on their own? Please portray your Nudinym using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Nudinym have hair or fur?
Kind of! Their mantle can be cut and styled to look like hair, and they may have what seems like fur on parts of their body, but it’s not really the same as actual hair and fur.