Species Name: Nimblithe
"The Weather Species"

Nimblithe | Nimblix | Nimblight
singular — plural — collective


Nimblix are, overall, a naturally mischievous species with a special knack for pranks. They are the best crafters… for things that are totally unnecessary. Most love loud and colorful things, and random celebrations over nothing are a must! Knick-knacks are their most profitable and cherished export. They’re constantly creating new toys and inventions for others to test out in case it blows up or something.

Despite having a love for very childish things, Nimblix are incredible thinkers. They’ve created a lot of very useful inventions and technology that have benefited all species of Lyth. Some wish they were more compatible with Igalyphs so they could learn more about ancient tech…


✦ Body
Most Nimblix bodies are made of very round shapes and curves that corner inwards. Their upper body is usually smooth with a matte or glossy appearance, while their lower body tapers off into a weather-based apparition. Nimblix with wings, horns, light orbitals, scales, and other features have also been seen.

✦ Hair
Nimblix can have regular hair or apparition hair, which usually matches their apparition!

✦ Ears
Their ears vary in length but are always elvish, meaning they taper into a point. They can, however, have additional adornments on their ears that add onto its natural shape.

✦ Eyes
Nimblix have three main eye styles (as pictured above), but other types have been seen.

✦ Jaws
Nimblix have two upper jaws. The one you see the fangs on is the outer jaw, it is made of a cartilage-like material. On the inside is the skeletal jaw. Nimblix have retractable teeth allowing for a wide range of random expressions.

✦ Core
A Nimblithe’s core is in the center of its chest, its placement resembling that of a Chuikha’s. In terms of material, they’re usually made of clear, crystalline, or opalesque glasses. No matter the material, their chargers always match their cores.

✦ Surge Chargers
Located on the palms of their hands, a Nimblithe’s chargers generate a species-specific energy known to them as “surge.” This, combined with their thick forearms, is how they properly contain and control this conductive energy. There are three types of surges: neutral, positive, and negative. Your average Nimblithe will be neutral, with positive and negative conductors splitting off into two subspecies. All of them, however, can turn surge into miniature versions of weather events!

✦ Apparition
Nimblix have many apparition types: cloud, fire, fog, gust, ice, magma, space, and water. Most Nimblix have one apparition type, though others may have a few combined together. At a resting state, their apparition tapers off into a point, but a Nimblithe can shape them however they’d like!

Design Guidelines

- A Nimblithe’s core is on the middle of their chest; their chargers are on their palms and match their core.
- Nimblix bodies naturally have a smooth texture.
- Nimblithe can have regular hair or hair that’s usually the same material as their apparition.
- They have pointed, elvish ears that vary in width and length.
- Nimblix eyes typically come in the three pictured styles.
- They have a jaw made of cartilage that houses their retractable teeth.
- Most have one apparition type: cloud, fire, fog, gust, ice, magma, space, or water.


Baby Information

Nimblix are chaotic little creatures starting from birth. At this stage in life, their apparition has yet to settle, therefore, may go through many different types. These shifts release energy which makes their chargers — which can’t quite conduct surge yet — constantly overload. As a result, many guardians will put them in vessels specifically crafted to withhold a baby Nimblithe’s apparition, while others may just stick them in any convenient container.

Design Guidelines
- Their cores and chargers will carry over to their adult form.
- Their apparition is constantly changing, so may need to be contained.
- Baby Nimblix do not have their retractable teeth yet.

To grow your baby Nimblithe, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


Long ago there was a legged child who bragged about their ability to run. They were fast and had endless bounds of energy. They worked as a messenger between villages and made sure to gloat about their record time sprints each time they visited a place away from home. Some praised the young one and others loathed their vanity.

One day the child delivered a letter to an elder in a village amidst a large field. He warned the child of a season in which the field would be riddled with strong whirlwinds. The elder believed the only way to appease the storms was to feed them soils. The child said they had no fear of winds because they could outrun them. They promised to continue to deliver the elder’s mail throughout the seasons.

When the season came, the field the child had to cross was indeed, just as told, riddled with strong whirlwinds. Seeing this as a challenge worthy of their speed, the legged child darted into the field. They dashed around wind tunnel after wind tunnel and the village was soon in sight. Once they entered the village, they realized something:

They could no longer feel their shoes. Or their feet. Or their legs at all!

They were consumed by a whirlwind and were now high above the ground. The child flailed and tried desperately to return to the ground but the whirlwind grew taller and taller. It needed to be appeased. Doing what all they could to control it, the child steered the whirlwind to the gardens in the village and any tilled land they could see. They hoped that the damage to the village could be forgiven.

The whirlwind grew shorter and shorter and when the child reached the ground, their legs had been replaced by the now tiny animated whirlwind covering their lower body and the village itself had vanished entirely. All the child could think was… did the elder say soils, souls, or soles?

Origin Quest

Many Nimblix have settled in Eckio, a realm of aviation and sky. While not all of their species live here, those that do may take advantage of the realm’s natural wind tunnels and open skies. Though not all Nimblix are born here, it is considered something of an important pilgrimage to visit at least once and see the skies and races for oneself.

Whether your Nimblithe is or is not from Eckio, do they visit the Realm’s sky island and watch or participate in the races? If still in their baby vessel, do they get into any trouble or perhaps decorate themselves to celebrate something? Please portray your Nimblithe using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could a Nimblithe with an air-based apparition fly?
No, they cannot fly in the sense that Gryfons can; they can only float, though they may have air-based abilities. They can conjure up small-scale weather phenomena but cannot create actual natural disasters, just influence them. For example, a Gust Nimblithe could summon a palm-sized tornado but couldn’t make a full-blown one happen, though might be able to make it change course.