"The Insectoid Armorsmiths"

Flyte | Flytes | Flight
singular — plural — collective


Diligent, adaptable, and efficient, Flytes are one of the hardest-working Lythians; this is a sentiment agreed upon by everyone who has made the trek to their main colony. They require very little sleep, therefore, often work through the night, going at even the most mundane tasks with razorlike focus. While they are not exactly territorial — everyone is welcome in their colony — the fact that they are hyperfocused on their work is enough to discourage anyone from staying too long. Most of their visitors are there for armor-related questions anyhow, and can expect quick transactions. The only time a Flyte "slows down" is when they are taken out of that environment. Away from the main colony, these insects can acquire laid back natures and be very good conversationalists.