"The Collaborative Canines"

Wolfren | Wolfren | Pack
singular — plural — collective


Much like their names suggest, Wolfren are a friendly wolf-like creature that roam the realms of Lyth. They almost always travel in packs of at least two — average pack sizes are between five and eight — though their members do not necessarily have to all be Wolfren. Highly sociable and agreeable, even the most temperamental individuals form interspecies bonds easily. They get along very well with Igalyphs, who sometimes seek them out when they require raw digging power for excavations; this may seem odd, as Wolfren are so social and Igalyphs are so...not, but they make it work somehow. Lone Wolfren are rare and are usually only temporary, as they disperse from their original pack to form their own or join another one. It is said that multiple lone Wolfren sightings across a short period of time is a bad omen...