"The Polarized Pixies"

Veela | Veelae | Court
singular — plural — collective

Origin Tale


In a faraway realm, hidden from the eyes of mortals, there were two factions locked in a never-ending war. One was on the side of good, fighting for what was moral, just, and fair. The other was on the side of evil, fighting for the immoral, unjust, and unfair. However, this war had been raging on for so long that both sides forgot what they were fighting for. Who should stand in the light? Who should retreat to the darkness? It’s too late to stop now…

Origin Quest

Baby Veelae begin manifesting signs of benevolence or malevolence at a very young age. Even before they can talk, one can usually tell the difference between the two variants by which wisps are smiling and approachable, and which ones are scowling for no apparent reason. Because magic comes so naturally to them, one of the first things to develop on a wisp is its neckpiece. For the Charmed, their fur grows into a mane, while the Jinxed form a collar.

What variant traits are manifesting on your Veela? Which magical alignment are they leaning towards? Please portray your Veela using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

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