"The Polarized Pixies"

Veela | Veelae | Court
singular — plural — collective


Veelae are the smallest Lythians to originate from the realm of Avalon. Because their forms are so compact, it is said that they only have room for one nature at a time. Unfortunately for Veelae, they tend to fall into two categories: benevolent and malevolent.

In addition, all Veelae are born with magical powers, and therefore, band together to form courts of "good" and "evil" to balance out the world and each other. However, nothing is just black and white, so the actions of these pixies don’t always reflect their intentions. For example, a benevolent Veela might have been harmed by another Lythian; in retaliation, it may return fire, because it is "good" to seek justice when you have been wronged. On the other hand, a malevolent Veela may witness its kind be hurt by another Lythian and may lay a curse on them, because it is "evil" to cause harm to any living being, no matter what they’ve done.