"The Musical Amphibians"

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singular — plural — collective


Symphonies are a small, amphibious Lythian with a resemblance to animals like frogs and newts. They are highly social creatures that prefer living in groups and are very protective of each other and of their home. They are not violent, rarely fighting with each other and preferring to run from conflict than confront it.

Symphonies are equipped with a large sac filled with air that allows them to produce loud beeping noises when threatened. This sac is also what allows the Lythians to “sing.” Even if the sound might not be the most melodious thing you’ve heard, a Symphony’s song will be, in most cases, pleasing to hear by their fellow members.

A group of Symphonies is called a choir, while a collection of choirs is called an orchestra. Choirs will usually look for places where there’s both a source of clean water and a bit of dry land to reside. Being amphibians they can be both on land and water, being able to breathe through their skin, but should always make sure to be able to hydrate their delicate skin.

An orchestra is always under the protection of a Mythical, a variant that morphed into a stronger version of the average Symphony. It is said that a Mythical’s song creates a protective barrier around the area where an orchestra is settled, this allows for the water sources to remain clean and not dry and repel threats from their home.

Despite their appearance and how their lives begin, Symphonies are not particularly attuned to magic. The only magic related to them is the protective barrier created by Mythicals and the very rare mutation some experience that allows them to create items that may appear out of nowhere or float. Their traits might appear “magical” but, again, this is just their appearance, probably meant to scare off potential enemies.