Species Name: Pro-G
"The Enigmatic Cephalo-Mustelids"

Pro-G | Pro-Gs | Consortium
singular — plural — collective


Pro-Gs are an affiliate species owned by Jarre. Although they aren’t "natural" to Lyth, it seems their dimension-crossing knowledge has managed to lead them to the realms. Outside of Lythbound, they (including body types and subspecies) are an open species and are completely free to make and use! Due to this, Pro-Gs that were made prior to the affiliation cannot be brought into the group without the use of a Lythian Slot.

With their advancements in space travel and a unique take on their own anatomy, Pro-Gs are at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to efficiency. Their evolutionary development has led them to do away with the rigid, brittle bones that most species have. Instead, their "skeleton" is actually a unique energy system manifesting in a flexible, semi-solid form that runs throughout their body. This allows Pro-Gs to contort in gravity-defying ways, giving them their own form of levitation, as well as other abilities. They have dabbled in the knowledge of changing one’s appearance, and though unable to completely alter their anatomy like the Natbaktera’s Glamour, they are capable of changing most of their appearance to suit their current needs.

Pro-Gs are all about knowledge, not in just the scientific sense, but mathematical, logical, cultural, and magical as well. However, they are rather solitary in their pursuit of it, as socialization is not the species’ strong suit. With their need for efficiency and proficiency in magic, evolution has rendered their bodies weak and fragile. Their lack of physical strength makes a simple punch feel like a kitten’s paw.


✦ Body
Pro-Gs are sleek, bipedal, and lack defined muscles, but stand at an average of eight feet (not including ears or tail), though commonly are anywhere between six to ten feet tall. Despite their towering stature, they are disproportionately light and could probably be picked up and carried by most other species. Their bodies are mainly matte or furred, and the length and style of the fur can vary; its coat is made of an oddly reflective substance that mimics the skin’s tone.

✦ Ears
Their ears are incredibly sensitive, capable of swiveling around to pick up sounds and display a wide range of emotions. They come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, and some may have a needle-thin skin tag that curls off the tip of the ear. These tags vary in appearance and can detect even the slightest vibrations in the air. The inside of the ear is always bare and furless, but the edges may be furred.

✦ Eyes
Pro-Gs have three eye styles (as pictured above). The most common style consists of only two parts of the eye: an iris and a sclera. In such cases, the sclera is darker than the iris, which is usually filled or ringed. The iris is subtly bioluminescent, so is always a brighter, lighter color. Those with solid eyes have bioluminescence applied to the entirety of it. The glow does not aid the Pro-G’s sight in any fashion, but is a signature tell of one’s appearance in the dark. They also have backwards tear ducts, appearing at the end of the eye rather than the front. These tear ducts show off the Pro-G’s blood color, which is made from a modified hemoglobin that results in Pro-Gs having varied blood colors depending on their genes.

✦ Snout
The snout is typically tapered or ovicular, and featureless. However, with the use of minor psychic shifting, a Pro-G’s mouth and nostrils can be exposed. They normally do not don these features unless they need to eat or clear out infections, as their respiratory system does not require oxygen intake. The teeth of a Pro-G are sharp and are that of a facultative carnivorous species, meaning they thrive best on a meat-based diet but can do just as well omnivorously. Their tongue is long and prehensile, and can serve as a basic extra limb if all others are occupied.

✦ Limbs
The limbs of a Pro-G are disproportionately short compared to their body, giving them a bipedal, salamander-like appearance. They are positioned to the sides of the body and do not allow them to manipulate large, heavy objects, further stunting any muscle growth. Thus, walking is typically an awkward event, so most opt for levitation and flight. To make up for their lack in strength, the arms of a Pro-G are particularly nimble and dextrous. Typically tendrilous but capable of forming as many fingers (and thumbs) as desired with the aid of psychic shifting, they allow the creature to perform delicate tasks. The feet are also tendril-like in nature and aid the Pro-G in steering during flight, but cannot be altered by psychic shifting. When it comes to standing, they can either stand on their toes or sit on their haunches, giving either a digitigrade or plantigrade look.

✦ Tail
Incredibly sensitive and prehensile, the tail is a Pro-G’s most important attribute in keeping balance on two legs, as well as providing mobility while levitating. It directly extends off the Pro-G’s whole body rather than just the spine, making the hip and waist region undefined. This creates a silhouette that’s one fell swoop. The tail will often wag and sway when a Pro-G is in deep thought, and can also be used to portray other emotions. Additionally, Pro-Gs will typically curl tails with one another if they have a form of relationship.

✦ Psychic Energy
Pro-Gs have a unique form of energy known as "psychic." As they are not native to Lyth, this energy is not stored or harnessed through a core or charges. Instead, their fluid bodies create a sort of feedback loop, allowing this energy to double back and build upon itself, growing stronger each time. Psychic is what gives Pro-Gs the ability to levitate, fly, shift, and perform telekinesis. They also use it to speak telepathically, due to their underdeveloped vocal cords; if one tries to speak, they produce sounds that are more mechanical than organic, with vocalizations ranging from deep chirruping to shrill humming to sharp shrieking to rumbling revving. Ultimately, the way psychic manifests vary greatly depending on the individual; some are able to use it to mimic elemental magic. A Pro-G’s height is an indicator of the amount of psychic they have, with the taller and more elongated individuals having the necessary mass to hold more.

✦ Dyes & Tattoos
Pro-Gs don’t naturally have markings, oftentimes only having a fade on their extremities, freckles, or beauty marks. However with the introduction of the realms, Pro-Gs have delved into the realm of modifying their appearance with Dyes and/or Tattoos. These allow themselves to appear more colorful and mimic the appearance of markings, fitting in all the better with fellow lythians. Those more adept at psychic shifting are also capable of altering themselves to obtain markings.

Design Guidelines

- Pro-Gs often have matte or furred bodies, though other variations exist.
- There cannot be visible musculature (pectoral, abs, etc) or skeletal structure (except for teeth).
- They must have at least two external ears, which may have a thin, shaped skin tag off the tips.
- The snout must be pronounced and can range from tapered to ovicular (egg-shaped).
- The nose, if visible, must appear as two separate or connected flat slits.
- Pro-G eyes have a darker sclera, a lighter or no iris, and no pupils.
- If present, irises may have a hollow center, using the sclera to mimic pupils, or be completely filled.
- The backwards tear ducts must be distinguishable in the index art and at least one color.
- Their necks are long and usually slim, with mane growths being common.
- Arms and legs must be on the sides of the body and disproportionately small, similar to a salamander.
- Hands may be tendrils or have any number of small rounded or pointed fingers.
- Legs must remain tendrils, but can be digitigrade or flat-footed (sat on haunches).
- Pro-Gs must have a tail with a wide base to match the width of their back end.

Body Types

The following body type guidelines are in addition to the general guidelines above, and do not completely override them unless explicitly stated.

✦ Compact
- Compact Pro-Gs are akin to their name, having smaller, stouter features.
- The snout is rounded, circular, or flat, typically wrinkled and always shorter than their skull.
- Ears are typically the same or shorter than the length of their skull; some have no external ears.
- Compact Pro-Gs tend to have shorter necks than their standard counterparts.
- The arms and legs are somewhat better proportioned with their shortened body.


The following subspecies guidelines are in addition to the general guidelines above, and do not completely override them unless explicitly stated. Those marked with an asterisk (*) require an additional subspecies item to create on top of a Lythian Slot item.

✦ Meltdown⁂
- They must have vents somewhere on their body that exude a colored smog, which is also exhaled.
- The body itself may become partially or fully incorporeal, and comprised of the aforementioned smog.
- Meltdown Pro-Gs have very large forearms and hands with at least two pointed fingers.
- They may mimic muscular growth or skeletal structure.
- Their sclera are typically near to completely black, though other variations exist.
- Meltdowns have eye trails that may vary in length and style.
- The backwards tear ducts do not need to be visible in the Index art.
- The legs must remain small and disproportionate; some have no legs.
- Physical traits are typically bigger and exaggerated, including add-ons like horns, wings, ridges, etc.


✦ Meltdown⁂

Meltdown is a permanent change to a Pro-G’s form, typically due to a lot of bad situations happening at once. When faced with a buildup of distress, grief, and other negative emotions, a Pro-G may react by answering the innate "call" to tap into their psychic energy and overclock it in proportion to their body. Psychic flows beyond their veins and seeps out of their entire being, resulting in traits such as oversized arms, smog vents, and eye trails. Meltdowns are volatile and prone to losing control.

* Subspecies marked with an asterisk require an additional item to create. Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.
⁂ Subspecies marked with three asterisks require an additional step to create. Please click the Mythical Ascension Quest button for more information.

Body Types

✦ Compact

Compact Pro-Gs are shorter than the average height range of a Pro-G, so anything under six feet with three to five feet being the most common. They don’t contain as much psychic as the typical Pro-G, resulting in their shorter height, smaller features, and weakened abilities. They still lack physical strength and aren’t as flexible, but are scrappy and more physically durable to compensate for it.
* Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.

Baby Information

Freshly-born baby Pro-Gs are notoriously very silly looking, as they are born naked with only a soft peach fuzz covering their bodies. Wrinkly and sleepy, they haven’t developed enough psychic to begin stretching out their bodies. As the Pro-G grows, it will reach a fur growth-spurt, resulting in rapid fur growth that rather quickly reaches ridiculous levels. This growth will settle down after a while, and by that point the Pro-G has gained enough psychic energy to stretch out their body beyond their tiny baby anatomy.

Design Guidelines
- Baby Pro-Gs have extremely condensed anatomy, very nubby and rounded.
- Their eyes may be squinted, but already have a darker sclera, lighter or no iris, and no pupil.
- The backwards tear ducts must be distinguishable in the index art and at least one color.
- Their flat nostrils — which may be separate or connected slits — and mouth must be visible.
- Baby Pro-Gs have at least two arms and two legs, with little to no articulation.
- They cannot have fingers, only little round stumps on all limbs.
- Fur is very sparse for newly born Pro-Gs, only appearing as single strands or patches.

To grow your baby Pro-G, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


Do you believe in a song that could change everything? Echoed in one's mind, memories of a long forgotten nostalgia. But to linger and hold so tightly onto the past— no, that's not efficient. We have to keep moving forward. Seek knowledge, seek enlightenment. Shed the parts of ourselves that held us to the ground and refused our access to what lies beyond the sky's limit. Energy flows freely now. So let's use it to our advantage, shall we?

Origin Quest

Baby Pro-Gs are typically raised in large nurseries. Adults are usually very busy either gaining knowledge or working, so leave their children to mingle with others. By the time they reach childhood, a Pro-G will begin exercising their psychic abilities, typically resulting in pranking their fellow nursery-mates or testing their limits in how much they can carry with telekinesis.

How did your Pro-G experiment with their abilities? Were they naughty and threw Kiklet eggs at other kids with their telekinesis? Did they try to pick up the biggest rock they could find? Or did they do something else? Please portray your Pro-G using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I upload my Pro-G to, who do I credit?
Please credit Jarre as the creator! Designer credits should go to whoever made the design, which should be visible on their entry.

Does my Pro-G have to be solitary?
No, your Pro-G can do perfectly fine in groups! Everyone is different, but the typically busy lifestyle of Pro-Gs just leads them to usually prefer being solitary.

Why are Pro-Gs physically weak?
This is a defining feature of Pro-Gs, as evolution turned a majority of their muscle into soft tissue, making them incredibly light despite their height. This makes it easier for them to levitate and fly without using a lot of psychic. However, Pro-Gs are still capable of doing heavy-duty work! They simply resort to using telekinesis rather than brute strength.

If the tear duct shows a Pro-G’s blood color, do I also have to show it in other spots?
No, you don’t! Places such as the inner ears, inside of the nose, and the inner mouth don’t have to also be the same color as the tear ducts. In fact, it’s common for Pro-Gs to have bright patterns inside their mouth, such as spotting or bands. However, there are also cases where a Pro-G coincidentally has the same colors in these spots as their blood color.

Do I need to use a Scissors of Redesign if I wish to change my Pro-G’s finger count?
No, Pro-Gs can freely change their amount of fingers as needed. You are free to depict them with tendrils or any amount of fingers in artwork, even if it’s different from their index art!

Do Pro-Gs have special redesign rules?
No, Pro-G redesigning is the same as redesigning any other Lythian! This also extends to Dyes & Tattoos (as specified in the "Anatomy" tab), which are treated as markings instead of accessories, requiring a Paint of Color Change if altered heavily. Pro-Gs outside of the game can also be freely redesigned due to their open status.