Species Name: Pro-G
"The Enigmatic Cephalo-Mustelids"

Pro-G | Pro-Gs | Consortium
singular — plural — collective


Pro-Gs are an affiliate species owned by Jarre. Although they aren’t "natural" to Lyth, it seems their dimension-crossing knowledge has managed to lead them to the realms. Outside of Lythbound, they (including body types and subspecies) are an open species and are completely free to make and use! Due to this, Pro-Gs that were made prior to the affiliation cannot be brought into the group without the use of a Lythian Slot.

With their advancements in space travel and a unique take on their own anatomy, Pro-Gs are at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to efficiency. Their evolutionary development has led them to do away with the rigid, brittle bones that most species have. Instead, their "skeleton" is actually a unique energy system manifesting in a flexible, semi-solid form that runs throughout their body. This allows Pro-Gs to contort in gravity-defying ways, giving them their own form of levitation, as well as other abilities. They have dabbled in the knowledge of changing one’s appearance, and though unable to completely alter their anatomy like the Natbaktera’s Glamour, they are capable of changing most of their appearance to suit their current needs.

Pro-Gs are all about knowledge, not in just the scientific sense, but mathematical, logical, cultural, and magical as well. However, they are rather solitary in their pursuit of it, as socialization is not the species’ strong suit. With their need for efficiency and proficiency in magic, evolution has rendered their bodies weak and fragile. Their lack of physical strength makes a simple punch feel like a kitten’s paw.