Species Name: Onini
"The Impish Cherishers"

Onini | Oninis | —
singular — plural — collective


Oninis are small impish creatures that latch onto old keepsakes and gain energy from such. Oninis thrive on the energy left in ancient keepsakes and cherished goods. Decorative bells were common throughout inter-realm culture, so Oninis seek out objects like them to feed off of the good memories trapped in them, and to trap future negative energies.

Without their bell, Oninis go blind and deaf and become aggressive. They can become nasty fiends without the help of their cherished bell. They become extremely powerful but have no control over their power.


✦ Body
Oninis are short in comparison to Nimblix and Chuikhas and others, standing at an average of three feet sans ears. Their bodies are covered in short fur or are usually bare, but they can grow longer fur around the collar area.

✦ Horns
Most commonly, an Onini will have small stubby horns on top of their head. They will always have horns, but it is rare to find one with long or shaped horns.

✦ Ears
Onini ears come in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing that makes this species unique is that sometimes they are found without external ears at all.

✦ Paws
Onini forepaws have paw pads on the tips of the digits. On their hindfeet they have a singular pedal pad.

✦ Tail
Oninis must always have a tail. It can be as short as a dollop or as long as their body. The thickness can also vary!

✦ Bell
All Oninis need a bell accessory or attachment. It is most commonly placed around the neck but can be attached elsewhere depending on the Onini's preferences. Without their bell, they become blind, deaf, aggressive, and isolationist. Finding an Onini's bell left behind is considered one of the worst omens.

Design Guidelines

- All Oninis must have at least one bell with them, though the style varies.
- Onini bodies are matte or covered in short fur; they can grow manes.
- They must have at least one pair of horns atop their skull.
- Their ears come in many different shapes and sizes; some have no external ears.
- They have enlarged forearms that can be a little to a lot larger than their upper arms.
- Oninis have fingers and an opposable thumb; their hindlegs end in paws.
- They have paw pads on the tips of their fingers and a single pedal pad.
- They must have a tail though the size and style can vary.


The following subspecies guidelines are in addition to the general guidelines above, and do not completely override them unless explicitly stated. Those marked with an asterisk (*) require an additional subspecies item to create on top of a Lythian Slot item.

✦ Harpini*
- Some parts of their body may sprout feathers or similar growths.
- In lieu of arms, Harpinis have winglike appendages.
- They still have paw pads, which are found on the tips of where their fingers (such as primary feathers) would be.
- Instead of a tapered tail, they have tail feathers that come in different styles.

✦ Mernini*
- Many of them have scales and other aquatic growths on their body.
- They often have fins on their skulls, which can replace or be in addition to their ears.
- Most Merninis also have webbing between their fingers and toes.
- Some have aquatic replacements instead of their typical hands and hind paws.

✦ Gremlini*
- Gremlini bodies are elongated and mostly bare skin with tufts of fur.
- Most have spikes, quills, or other sharp growths on their body.
- This subspecies can have retractable fangs and a forked tongue.
- At the ends of their hands and feet are usually long, claw-like appendages.


✦ Harpini*

These Oninis have gorged themselves on good memories to the point where they've become somewhat of an airhead. The positive energy flowing through them causes feathery growths to appear across their bodies, making them light and airy in both appearance and disposition. However, there's also a rumor going around that they've actually evolved to adapt to some sort of sky environment...

✦ Mernini*

It is believed that this subspecies is a result of Oninis who've tried to rescue others from the dangerous waters of Lyth, and in the process, have soaked up the energies of creatures of the deep. Or, is it the other way around, that they're the ones luring individuals to their watery demise in order to feed off of their fear?

✦ Gremlini*

Sometimes, when an Onini has their bell taken away a few too many times, they adopt this demonic subspecies. They're incredibly powerful but their mind is a bit too feral to properly channel the energy they collect. This excess energy funnels itself into sharp protrusions that manifest across the Onini's body.
* Subspecies marked with an asterisk require an additional item to create. Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.
⁂ Subspecies marked with three asterisks require an additional step to create. Please click the Mythical Ascension Quest button for more information.

Body Types

* Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.

Baby Information

When they’re born, baby Oninis fashion faux bells out of nearby material that they then attach to themselves as placeholders until they find their adult ones. At this point, their skulls are usually still smooth, or maybe have the barest hint of horns poking out. Their hands aren't quite developed yet, so they have paws instead of fingers that they spend time running around on until they learn to walk.

Design Guidelines
- They have fake bells made of any material.
- Baby Oninis have no or very small horns.
- They have paws instead of hands.

To grow your baby Onini, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


Oninis were originally spirits that were bound to items left behind by ancient beings. Over centuries, as realms formed and reformed, these spirits got more and more powerful. They were able to move their respective items and relocate. They were able to make small sounds.

One day, an Onini spirit found a creature losing its mind to chaos. It beckoned for the creature to come closer. As soon as it did, the Onini spirit threw its keepsake item at the creature and captivated it. The creature survived with a level head, and the Onini spirit now had a vessel to do its bidding. Their combined powers and energy benefited one another, and soon other Onini spirits and suffering creatures were to follow these steps. That is how Oninis originated.

Origin Quest

Oninis and their bells are an inseparable pair — unless they are a Gremlini, of course… Young Oninis have faux bells that they use as placeholders until they find those that they will later possess into adulthood.

How does your young Onini fashion their childhood bell? Where does their adult bell come from? Do they have an adventure as a child acquiring this important object? Please portray your Onini using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Onini have more than one bell?
Yes! The bell(s) can be any style, shape, and size. They also don’t have to resemble real-life bells.