Species Name: Nitpicki
"The Collecting Critters"

Nitpicki | Nitpickies | Nitpickit
singular — plural — collective


Curious by nature, Nitpickies are an inquisitive, rodent-like species. With a seemingly-endless pocket and boundless amounts of energy, they roam the realms of Lyth with one thought in mind: collect. These critters focus on one type of item and will ignore anything else that doesn't fall within that category. However, their standards are... all over the place, which can lead to some odd collections: perfectly round objects, a specific shade of yellow, things that give off "warm" vibes, etc. It's very rare — impossible, perhaps — for two Nitpicki to be looking for the exact same items. However, this is not to say that some collections won't overlap. Nitpickies who share similar or parallel interests may band together to form a Nitpickit. These groups come in all sizes and will travel together, helping one another out in their searches.