Species Name: Natbaktera
"The Glamoured Serpents"

Natbaktera | Natbaktera | —
singular — plural — collective


Some sort of bat and dragon hybrid, Natbaktera are a mysterious species that have gradually spread throughout Lyth. Although there is actually very little variation between the individuals of the species, they can still appear drastically different from one another. This is because they are blessed with the magic of glamour, which allows them to alter how they are perceived by the outside world. Fortunately, they seem to be a rather peaceful race with no intention of using their powers for harm. However, this does not take away from the mystery that is the Natbaktera.


✦ Body
Natbaktera have naturally long, slender, and elongated bodies. However, using their glamour, they can shorten their length and don body textures on their otherwise matte appearance, including but not limited to fur, feathers, and scales. When down on all fours, their slender necks allow them to reach an average height of five feet, not including their ears; their length varies too much to give an accurate number!

✦ Ears
Naturally large and batlike, their ears are the most common body part glamoured. They are also the easiest to shift, therefore, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some Natbaktera even choose to hide their ears completely.

✦ Eyes
Natbaktera have very poor sight from their primary two eyes, so prefer to view the world from their third eye, which can be oriented vertically or horizontally on their forehead. Not only that, but opening their main eyes cause their glamour to be immediately dispelled. As a result, it is rare to see them with anything but the third eye open. Fortunately, this eye has perfect vision — barring illness and injury — and allows them to view the world with heightened senses, able to discern the magic within others and locations. Rumor has it that these aren't the powers linked to their third eye...

✦ Mouth
Although they can lengthen and reshape their muzzles, their mouths always end in a beaklike point.

✦ Limbs
While their back limbs always end thin, have three claws, and allow for bipedal movement, their front limbs vary in design. Some are long with claws while others are short with fingers, though they always have an opposable thumb for gripping objects.

✦ Wings
Small and webbed, Natbaktera wings are positioned near their back legs. They are actually vestigial and do not allow for self-propelled flight. Despite this fact, they can still have glamour cast upon them to give them different appearances, altered positioning, and the illusion of hovering. They cannot, however, be completely hidden away.

✦ Tail
Their tails are long and taper into a point, though of course, through the magic of glamour, they can be shifted into any style, but not hidden.

Design Guidelines

- In their True Form, Natbaktera have long, slender bodies that are naturally matte.
- Their ears are large and batlike.
- Their two primary eyes are usually closed.
- They view the world from their third eye, which is placed vertically or horizontally on their forehead.
- Natbaktera mouths end in a beaklike point.
- Their back limbs are thin and end in talons or claws.
- Their front limbs come in varying styles.
- Natbaktera wings are naturally webbed and positioned near their hindlegs.
- Their tails are long and tapered.

✦ Glamour Form
- Natbaktera can glamour their body type away from noodles (no design items needed).
- They can don other body textures such as fur, feathers, and scales.
- Their ear shape can be changed or completely hidden away.
- Their primary eyes are always closed when using glamour.
- Natbaktera cannot hide away their eyes.
- Their muzzles can be reshaped but still end in a v-shape.
- Their hindlegs typically remain unaltered.
- Natbaktera can change the appearance and position of their wings, but cannot remove them.
- With glamour, they can change their tail style but cannot completely conceal them.


* Subspecies marked with an asterisk require an additional item to create. Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.
⁂ Subspecies marked with three asterisks require an additional step to create. Please click the Mythical Ascension Quest button for more information.

Body Types

* Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.

Baby Information

Baby Natbaktera are rather hideous looking, with their peach-fuzz bodies and bulbous eyes. They haven't learned the magic of glamour yet, so their ears are always pointed, though some may not have ear canals developed yet. In addition, all three of their eyes tend to be open, as their primary eyes still have decent vision; this vision gradually goes away as they become more attuned to their magic, so they will close while the third eye remains open. These babies usually lack front limbs or have underdeveloped ones, though their back limbs are always there. Their wings are positioned near their hind legs and appear batlike though some might not have their webbing in yet. Overall, their bodies aren't quite noodlelike yet but still end in a tapered tail.

Design Guidelines
- Their bodies are covered in peach fuzz before becoming matte.
- They have pointed ears.
- Baby Natbaktera have all three eyes open since they haven't mastered glamour yet.
- Their mouths already end in a beaklike point, though they may have an over or underbite.
- They have no or underdeveloped forelegs.
- Their wings and hindlegs appear similar to the picture above.
- Tails still end in a tapered point though length may vary.

To grow your baby Natbaktera, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


No one knows how the Natbaktera came to be. Neither the best recordkeepers nor the most well-known researchers have come across this information in their studies, and asking the Igalyphs would be a lost cause. According to the Lythians’ collective memories, it seems like one day, they just appeared in the realms, as if out of thin air. Upon further discussion, a couple other species' arrivals seemed to coincide with them. However, the more they thought about it, the fuzzier the memory became, and before long, such rumors were forgotten. It would appear that the Natbaktera were here all along…

Origin Quest

A young Natbaktera has the use of their two “regular” eyes, which remain open until they grow into adulthood. The youngest of this species may not yet see the magic in the world around them, but as they grow, it will become more clear. Learning to view the currents of the magic and elements are an important part of any young Natbaktera’s development.

How does your Natbaktera view the world around them as they grow up? Natbaktera have a unique view of the world around them — what does yours see? Please portray your Natbaktera using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Natbaktera only has its Glamour Form on its index entry; can I depict it as its True Form in submissions?
Yes! In submissions, you can depict your Natbaktera in either form, even if its index entry only displays one form. However, your glamoured Natbaktera should still be recognizable as the same character if depicted in its True Form and vice versa. If you would like to display both of its forms, you can update its index artwork to include both on one canvas, or submit its alternate design with a FORMula Plus to have a toggle between the different forms.