Species Name: Lilipeep
"The Clean Water Lily Pads"

Lilipeep | Lilipeeps | Blanket
singular — plural — collective


Lilipeeps are a small bipedal species that appear to be lily pads that have evolved and developed sentience, going by their appearance. A group of Lilipeeps is called a blanket, as their pads can cover an entire area. For a blanket to thrive, they need to have a clean source of water, or their pad hats will absorb toxins and cause them breathing problems. They are not natural-born warriors and prefer to hang around friendly Lythians, because safety in numbers!

The members of this species are natural at trading, marketing, and other commerce-related activities. As such, they get along with most Lythians, especially Symphonies, sometimes sharing territory for the construction of villages or markets, and even living in mixed societies. However, as business deals go, sometimes things can get heated, so they’re not without protection. Their rubbery bodies are able to secrete a thick bitter liquid that they can slather on others to slow down or distract. It’s actually cool to the touch, so Lilipeeps may even douse themselves with it on hot days!


✦ Body
About three feet in height, their round bodies make them a sturdy but clumsy species. Lilipeep bodies are rubbery and secrete a thick, bitter liquid to protect them from the heat and fend off potential enemies. Underneath all that fat, they have small, rubbery, hollow bones that allow them to float just below the water's surface with only their pad hats visible.

✦ Pad Hat
Perhaps their defining trait, all Lilipeeps have at least one lily pad atop their head. Like any other plant, their pad hats undergo photosynthesis, breathing in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, then releasing oxygen into the water to help the ecosystem. Though they can sustain themselves just fine like this, most definitely enjoy a good meal. Their pads can have any kind of plant, flower, fruit, or other flora-related decorations adorning them.

✦ Ears
Lilipeep ears come in four common varieties, as pictured above: fins, perked, lop, and seraph. The shape of their ears doesn't affect their hearing at all, and can even be pierced.

✦ Face
Lilipeeps have chubby faces! Their mouths are hard and pointed, similar in texture to the beaks of parrots; they house no teeth but have a rounded tongue. They don't rely on eyesight at all, so their eyes are always closed; no one has ever seen them with their eyes open...

✦ Neck
All Lilipeeps have a ring of fat around their neck, which is used as a floatation device.

✦ Limbs
Lilipeeps have small fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand. Along their arm is at least one set of fins; these fins can have any shape and style but all individuals have them. Their feet have three toes each and a single, circular pedal pad on the sole.

✦ Tail
Tails help Lilipeeps move about underwater. There are five tail variations of different rarities, as pictured above: fin, tadpole, mermaid, tentacle, and goldfish. While they always have those five specific shapes, most have details that make them unique.

Design Guidelines

- Lilipeeps have chubby body types and skin that’s smooth and slippery.
- They have at least one pad atop their head that varies in size, style, and decoration.
- Their ears come in variations of these four types: fins, perked, lop, and seraph.
- A Lilipeep’s eyes are always closed.
- They have a beaklike mouth that ends in a point.
- They have a rounded tongue but no teeth.
- Lilipeeps have fat neck pouches to help them float.
- They must have arm fins, though they can come in any style.
- Lilipeep tails come in variations of these five styles: fin, tadpole, mermaid, tentacle, and goldfish.


* Subspecies marked with an asterisk require an additional item to create. Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.
⁂ Subspecies marked with three asterisks require an additional step to create. Please click the Mythical Ascension Quest button for more information.

Body Types

* Please see the Design Guidelines tab for more information.

Baby Information

A baby Lilipeep will depend on their parents until they reach maturity. They're often seen with some sort of floral growth atop their head, not necessarily quite resembling a pad hat yet, though it'll get there as they mature. Their arms look like naked wings, held awkwardly against their chest, arm fins not yet developed. Their fingers and toes might not be developed but most still have ears and tails that look like simplified versions of their full-grown forms.

Design Guidelines
- Their oversized heads can often be seen bobbing in the water.
- Their pad hats may not look like pads yet but are still floral in appearance.
- Their tiny beaks are already present.
- They have winglike forearms with no or barely-developed arm fins.
- Baby Lilipeeps don't have fingers or toes yet.
- Their ears and tails may look simplified.

To grow your baby Lilipeep, you'll need to complete their Origin Story Quest!

Origin Tale


It is said that when Igroven appeared out of the void, it was on the head of a creature of gigantic proportions. The creature floated along the aether, a ring of fat around its neck keeping the head and lilypad afloat over the abyss. It lived in harmony with those residing on its lilypad “hat” for many years, but slowly grew lonely and wished to commune with the other living beings.

Though no one is quite sure what took place, the creature sank into the aether, leaving only the lilypad on its head, and disappeared forever. But smaller beings with similar appearances began to rise out of the ground on Igroven itself, quickly taking to communal life with the other residents, and becoming a part of the realm forevermore.

Origin Quest

Young Lilipeeps are similar to young Flytes in that they also need the care of guardians for safety while their bodies develop. It usually takes some time for their fingers and toes to fully develop, though parents may have the young one help out in merchanting and commerce.

Does your Lilipeep feel the urge to engage in economies as a young child, or do they have other plans for their life? Do they have any difficulties with their hobbies thanks to their undeveloped limbs? Or get into other trouble during their young life? Please portray your Lilipeep using their baby design or an adolescent design that’s not quite their adult form yet.

See more information about origin story quests on the Origin Stories page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a size limit for a Lilipeep's pad hat?
It can't be so small that it's barely noticeable, but can't be so big that the Lilipeep is unable to walk. Anything in between that is fine!

Can Lilipeep's have hair?
If it's in addition to their pad hat then yes, they can.