"The Clean Water Lily Pads"

Lilipeep | Lilipeeps | Blanket
singular — plural — collective


Lilipeeps are bipedal Lythians that appear to be lily pads that have evolved and developed sentience, going by their appearance. A group of Lilipeeps is called a blanket, as their pads can cover an entire area. For a blanket to thrive, they need to have a clean source of water, or their pad hats will absorb toxins and cause them breathing problems. They are not natural-born warriors and prefer to hang around friendly Lythians, because safety in numbers!

These Lythians are natural at trading, marketing, and other commerce-related activities. As such, they get along with most others, especially Symphonies, sometimes sharing territory for the construction of villages or markets, and even living in mixed societies. However, as business deals go, sometimes things can get heated, so they’re not without protection. Their rubbery bodies are able to secrete a thick, bitter liquid that they can slather on others to slow down or distract. It’s actually cool to the touch, so Lilipeeps may even douse themselves with it on hot days!